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Why not submit your own review of a ground that you have visited recently? And have it included in the Guide!

This is for anyone who follows their team away, or those who consider themselves to be a 'Groundhopper'. What I am looking for, is for fans to submit articles about visiting recently a ground and their experiences of the 'away day'. These will then be published on this site for others to read, and will be linked from the relevant Club page of the Guide so that it adds to my own review of the ground. Articles really should be just the story of your day out and if possible touching on the following points:

Please complete the form below to submit your review, or if you prefer you can email me a Word document to me at [email protected] and although I don't guarantee that it will be included in the Guide, if it is good enough, in terms of general interest, it certainly will be. In fact very few articles are turned down. Articles should be as a minimum of around 4-500 words (not as many as it sounds!). Also if you wish to include a photos as well, then these can be included, but they will need to be sent to me separately using the above email address.

Please note though that reviews along the lines of I support the team up the road, our local rival's ground is rubbish, their fans don't sing and I don't understand why visiting fans would want to go there. Will NOT be featured. Let's be realistic and if there is a need to criticise then be constructive.

Please also note that you need to be over 17 years of age to submit a review.




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  • What you did before the game pub/chippy etc, and were the home fans friendly?*
  • What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the stadium?*
  • Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc..*
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Brunton Park
Carlisle United
Phil Ball (Doing the 92) 10/3/20

Wolverhampton Wanderers
Andrew Walker (Brighton & Hove Albion) 7/3/20

Memorial Stadium
Bristol Rovers
Dan Maguire (Doing the 92) 10/3/20