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Hampden Park - Glasgow

South Stand Exterior
(Note its Castle like turrets)
Hampden Park South Stand
                    Exterior photo 1975

West Terrace - External view
(Note how it looks small from this angle, but the pitch is situated well below this level)

Hampden Park West
                    Terrace - External photo 1975

North Stand 
Opened in 1937. It was designed by Archibald Leitch

North Stand

Main Stand
Opened in 1914. The roof Press Box was replaced shortly after the end of the second world war 

Main Stand

East Terrace

East Terrace photo
                    Hampden Park

West Terrace

West Terrace Hampden
                    Park photo

Record Attendance: 149,415 - Scotland v England, 1937. This is the record for the largest attendance at a football match in Britain.

Thanks to Mats Ronnerstam for providing the photos above, they were taken in 1975. At this time the capacity was around 95,000.

Below is a video from YouTube showing the ground in 1980
Thanks to W Gibson for sharing this with us:

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