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Villa Park - Aston Villa FC

Trinity Road Stand

The Trinity Road Stand that was built in 1924. The fans in the upper tier of this stand, used to stamp their feet in unison on the wooden floor in order to get behind their team. The stand was demolished in 2001

The Rear Entrance To The Stand & The Famous Facade

Trinity Road

Interior View Taken From The North Stand

Trinity Stand

 Taken From The Doug Ellis Stand

Trinity Road

Trinity Road

A Closer Look At The Famous Gable

Roof Gable

External View Taken From Trinity Road

Trinity Road

The Brickwork At The Top Of The Stand


Thanks to Ian O'Brien for supplying the photos above.

Holte End

In the mid 1980's the Holte End was for a while the largest terrace at a football ground in England & Wales, with a capacity of 22,600. It was replaced by a new all seated stand during the 1994/95 season.

Old Holte End

Thanks to Terry Williams for supplying the above photo.

Old 'A' 'V' Floodlights

The photo below clearly shows the old floodlights at Villa Park. They were unusual in the respect that the actual lights were arranged so that they looked like an 'A' and a 'V'. The photo which was taken from the Holte End (this end gets its name from Sir Thomas Holte who built the nearby Aston Hall) also shows part of the old Trinity Road Stand on the left and the Witton Lane Stand opposite.

Both these sides have since been re-developed. The Witton Lane Stand (which was to be renamed the Doug Ellis Stand) was built in time for the Club to host matched from the 1996 European Championships. The building of this stand saw the removal of the floodlights and were replaced with lights attached to the front of the roofs of each of the stands.

AV Floodlights

Thanks to Chris Williams for supplying the above photo.

Below is a video from YouTube showing the ground in 1979
Thanks to W Gibson for sharing this with us:

Do you have any photos of Villa Park before it was re-developed? Well we would love to include more on this website. So if they are photos that you have taken yourself and wouldn't mind sharing them with others via this page then please
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