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East Fife - Bayview Park

Main Stand
The Stand was opened in 1922.

                        Stand, Bayview Park, East Fife

The Enclosure

The Enclosure,
                      Bayview Park, East Fife

Kirkland Road End

Kirkland Road End, Bayview Park, East

Aberhill School End

Aberhill School End, Bayview Park,
                        East Fife

Thanks to Steven Stokes for providing the photos on this page.

The ground was opened in 1902* with the Club moving to the new Bayview Stadium in 1998.
Record Attendance:22,515 v Raith Rovers, Division One, January 2nd, 1950.

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* It was originally opened as Town Hall Park in 1902.
When East of Fife moved in a year later it was renamed Bayview Park.