Spurs New Stadium - Works Gather Pace

The ongoing building of the new Spurs Stadium at White Hart Lane, have gathered pace, with the first building works taking place inside the existing White Hart Lane Ground. Around 4,000 seats have been removed and part of the roof has been dismantled in the North West part of the stadium (photo courtesy of @thespursweb on Twitter):

Spurs Building Works

Up to now works on the new 61,000 stadium have been going on outside White Hart Lane, as the footprint of the new stadium is larger than the existing area of the ground. This aerial photo (courtesy of @lucasbrown72 on Twitter) shows you how this is taking shape:

Spurs New Stadium

The new stadium is due to open at the start of the 2018/19 season and for it to be completed then the rest of White Hart Lane will need to be demolished in preparation, meaning the Club will need to groundshare for the 2017/18 season. There had been rumours that the Club were considering playing games at MK Dons, but it seems that common sense has prevailed with the recent announcement by Wembley Stadium, that they have given Tottenham Hotspur a formal option to play their home games there. In fact Spurs have already committed to playing some of their Champions League Games for this season at the national stadium, so if those go well then expect the option to be taken up. Which with Wembley having a much larger capacity than MK Dons, being less of a journey and considering that Chelsea may also be looking for a groundshare too for that season (if the proposed Stamford Bridge redevelopment goes ahead as planned), then Wembley Stadium would seem a good move.



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