Watford Consider Building A New Stadium

The Athletic website has revealed that design firm Populous, the same company who are responsible for the superb Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, have been putting together designs for a possible new Watford Stadium.

How The New Stadium May Look

New Watford Stadium
The artists impression above of the new stadium is
courtesy of the Watford Observer website.

Watford who have played at Vicarage Road since 1922 have been considering how to further expand the existing 21,577 capacity. In 2014 the Sir Elton John Stand was opened and works carried out on some corners of the ground and the club hopes to install a further 500 seats in one of those corners. However, Vicarage Road is quite hemmed in by surrounding, buildings and roads, so further major expansion would be difficult. Plus compared to most other Premier League grounds Vicarage Road has relative few hospitality and corporate areas. Hence in these respects, it makes sense for the Club to look at a possible new stadium. 

A possible site for the new stadium has been rumoured to be on the site of the Bushey Golf Club, which lies to the other side of Watford, around one and a half miles away from Vicarage Road, but still walkable from the town centre and railway station. The new stadium may have a possible capacity of around 30,000. In the current climate of the great popularity of football in the London Area, this would seem to be quite low. But no details have been released or confirmed by the Club themselves so we shall wait and see. 

Vicarage Road

Vicarage Road Stadium Watford


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