Tottenham To Remain At Wembley For The Rest Of The Season?

The seemingly never-ending saga of when Tottenham Hotspur will move into their new stadium, still continuing, then it now looks more and more likely now that the Club will not move into their new home this season. The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on the site of their old White Hart Lane Stadium was due to open at the start of the 2018/19 campaign but was put back until the middle of September for the visit of Liverpool. But with failures being found to the new stadium's safety systems, the new stadium opening was postponed. Five months later and with what appears to be still no resolution to the stadium's systems, then it would appear that Tottenham will be remaining at Wembley Stadium.

The New Stadium

New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Last month the Club were given permission by Brent Council to stage all their remaining Premier League and Champions League matches at Wembley Stadium (permission was needed as Wembley Stadium has restrictions placed on it by the Local Authority as to how many events is can hold each year). The Club explained that this was as a contingency measure. However with only 14 weeks now until the end of this current season, then you question that even if the stadium was nearing ready, whether moving so late in the season, would cause too much disruption to the Club. Plus at least two test events would need to be held at the new stadium beforehand, to gain the necessary safety certificates to allow it to fully open. 

With the costs of the new stadium reported to have spiralled upwards (and is it a coincidence that the Club have not signed any players in the last two transfer windows?) then the delays will only have added to this burden. We shall wait and see what the Club announces next, but if they don't move this season, which now seems very likely, then it seems somewhat ironic that the Club sent out season tickets to supporters for the new stadium at the start of this year.