Tottenham Confirm Wembley Stadium Move For 2017/18 Season

Finally it has been announced that Tottenham Hotspur will play all their homes games for next season at Wembley Stadium. This will mean that the Premier League home fixture at White Hart Lane on Saturday May 17th against Manchester United will be the last competitive match to be played at White Hart Lane, their home since 1900.

Spurs At Wembley Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur At Wembley Stadium


It has come as no great surprise that Tottenham would move to Wembley Stadium, as they have had great success this season in hosting Champions League games there. The crowd of 85,512 for the match against Bayer Leverkusen, back in November last year was the highest ever attendance recorded by an English Club for a home match. Showing just what great potential there is for the Club and for top flight football in London. It is expected that Tottenham will kick off the 2018/19 season in their new 61,559 capacity White Hart Lane Stadium, although it is likely to be called something else by then, in a corporate sponsorship deal.



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