Portsmouth To Extend Milton End

Portsmouth are seeking planning permission to extend the Milton End. This will involve extending the roof around towards the North Stand and putting in 400 additional seats raising the capacity of the Milton End to 2,200 and the overall capacity of Fratton Park to 20,070. A computerised mock-up of how the stand will look once is completed is shown below (courtesy of the Portsmouth FC website):

New Milton End

The roof will also be extended backwards to provide more cover and additional spectator facilities, such as toilets, a new viewing area for disabled fans, and food and drink outlets will be added. A new enclosed area for the PA Announcer will be included on the South side of the stand. The stand will lastly be configured to allow it to be segmented in 4 blocks of 800 so that the stand can vary the amount of home and visiting supporters that use it.

The Existing Milton End

Milton End

If planning permission is granted quickly then works are expected to commence this Summer. As away fans are housed on one side of the Milton End, so these works will improve the facilities for visitors.


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