For The Love Of The Game Book

For the love of the game is a book written by hand by calligrapher and football fan Bas Vlam from Norway. He wrote and painted every club in the top five English divisions, (as of at the end of the 2015/16 season), including shirts, crests, nick-names and famous players. Meant as a book to collect signatures, in the printed version some pre-printed signatures of ones Bas has collected himself are included. It can also be a book for those doing the 92 to include tickets or match reports or whatever one finds appropriate.

Arsenal page


For the love of the game is not anything else than just that: a book for anyone who loves the game. Printed in just 1000 copies, leather bound and A4 size, its 232 pages have space to add whatever stats you like: more players, victories or other memorabilia. It can be ordered from Bas by contacting him through his website or by emailing [email protected]. The book costs £45, including postage.



Brunton Park
Carlisle United
Phil Ball (Doing the 92) 10/3/20

Wolverhampton Wanderers
Andrew Walker (Brighton & Hove Albion) 7/3/20

Memorial Stadium
Bristol Rovers
Dan Maguire (Doing the 92) 10/3/20