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Bootham Crescent
York City v Southend United
Saturday, February 22nd 2014, 3pm
League Two
Tom Raffan

(Southend United fan)

We drove up the A1 and made the 240 mile journey from Essex in good time, in about three and a half hours. We arrived in York at about 12.30pm and found a parking space very close to the ground in Filey Terrace.
From there we walked past the Minster Cathedral and along the High Street to Masons Bar and Bistro, which served very nice food. I would recommend any fans arriving early to eat in York Centre. On the walk from the ground I encountered of the pleasantness of the city. As I, wearing a Southend United scarf, was greeted by a York fan, which, although sounds insignificant, was extremely polite and something which you could only wish for in most other places. One thing I did wish though was that I had come up earlier to enjoy such a beautiful city; it was quite busy but extremely laid back and with some sort of medieval festival at the Minster, you could really sense the local community spirit which just is not around in many cities nowadays.
By the time we had finished our food and walked back to the ground it was about 2.30pm and, although we had a ticket for the seats we entered along Grosvenor Road, before walking round to the seating. There was a large fence separating the seating from the terrace, and you passed through a gate where a steward issued you with a waiting-room-like slip which you should show if you re-entered.
My overall impression of the ground was good, although it was looking tired. Still it was a good old fashioned stadium, a scarcity in the modern day. From the seating area the view was okay, except for the far corner or the near side, which, as well as being obstructed by the supporting pillars of the Popular Stand, was also compromised by the fence which separated each block.

The leg-room was not fantastic, clearly a former old terrace, converted to seating, but with not many people in the stand I was quite comfortably stretching my legs out sideways.
The terrace in the home end was full, and Southend brought a decent following of 410 fans, but the atmosphere was very flat, which was partly to do with the fact that the match was a dull nil-nil draw.

Traffic was slow coming out of the city but once on the motorway a swift and uneventful drive home meant I was back by the seaside by 8.30pm.

Overall an extremely enjoyable day, and a trip I will certainly ensure I make next season.

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