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Huish Park
Yeovil Town v Preston North End
League One
Saturday, January 28th 2012, 3pm
By Paul Willott
(Preston North End fan)

WA crisp winters day dawned brightly, and I looked forward to the drive from Kent to Somerset as the A303 is a refreshing change from the usual hundreds of miles of yawning motorway that usually heralds a trip to cheer on my beloved Preston North End.  Furthermore, I was also keen to visit the legendary Yeovil, heroes of many a giant-killing act in FA Cup folklore, and a club that have more than justified the controversial introduction of automatic promotion from the top flight of non-league and have since more than established themselves as a force in the third tier of English league football.
As I anticipated, the drive was quite pleasant, including a peek at Stonehenge from the main road, glistening in the sunlight, an edifice to earlier ages past.
Upon arriving near Yeovil, the signposting to the ground is quite good. This I found very useful, as without it the stadium would not have been easy to find.  There is plenty of affordable car-parking on-site, but it looked as though there were plenty of other options for those wishing to save a few quid and park on the streets further away.
I have to say, I found the ground to be something of a disappointment. The away terrace has supporting struts that protrude up behind it, as though waiting for an extension of sorts that as yet hasn't happened, and it gives that part of the ground a half-finished perspective. For a 'new' ground, I also noticed that the green seating in the main stand was looking decidedly tired and sun-bleached to the colour of feeble mushy peas.  Obviously a roof over the away terrace would be a great step forward; fortunately the lack of rain meant it didn't dampen my day, but it was nonetheless a good job I had brought plenty of warm outer layers to insulate against the cold winter air.
The match was also something of an anti-climax; Preston being reduced to 10 men after only 3 minutes left us with that sinking feeling that the match was going to be almost as one-sided as Yeovil's legendary sloping pitch at their old ground!  For most of the game that proved to be the case as Yeovil took 2 goals quite easily, and could have helped themselves to more.  As the second half wore on however, Preston did rally and snatch a goal back, which prompted a fairly entertaining last 10 minutes as the equaliser was sought, but sadly to no avail.
I hastened to my car after the final whistle, and found that traffic wasn't too bad at dispersing, and was thus soon heading back along the A303 towards the M3, M25, M26, M20 and home!
Did I enjoy the day? I was certainly pleased to have visited Yeovil and "chalk it off the list" so to speak, and to see my team fight hard towards the end was better than a capitulating without a whimper.   I also saw plenty of things of interest on the drive to Yeovil that were worth a Google later, so no complaints at all really.
My tips to any-one else visiting Yeovil, 1. get there early to get best parking spots amd facilitate a quick getaway, 2. check the weather beforehand as it could seriously affect the enjoyment of your day if you aren't sufficiently prepared!

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