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Adams Park
Wycombe Wanderers v Mansfield Town
League Two
Saturday, August 17th 2013, 3pm
Jeff Beastall
(Mansfield Town fan)

We went to Adams Park for our first visit since returning to the league with Mansfield Town. Itís been five long years in exile so I took the time out to check out the Football Ground Guide website to refresh myself on what to expect, having been a while since my last visit there.
We arrived really early, just after 12.30pm in fact, and ventured our way to the club bars for a spot of food and the obligatory swift half, only to be told that away fans would have to use a marquee in the grounds. And what a soulless place it was. A long bar down one end and nothing else. No seating and no toilets. No big screens for the first Premiership games of the season, canít remember who was playing. Cold and draughty. Someone had his old dad with him and wasnít relishing the idea of him having nowhere to sit for two hours. I guess in the end they relented and let them into the club house. Itís not as if an 80 year old man was going to smash the place up was it?
Following the advice in the Football Ground Guide, we made the 15 minute walk down to the Hourglass pub. We were made very welcome there, nice rolls on offer for a quid, the range of beers were adequate and a very friendly Staffordshire terrier in a Wycombe Wanderers shirt! Spent an hour in there. Bearing in mind a large sign at the Wycombe Wanderers marquee said last orders was 2.45, once weíd partook of the ambience, we headed back to the ground. By now it was raining and in the shelter of the virtually empty marquee, there was at most 10 people in and it looked like the small army of bar staff had been sent home.   
Not the friendly welcome weíd expected; even the steward I spoke to agreed that the marquee idea hadnít quite gone to plan. Perhaps on a day when local rivals are in town and itís a really sunny day, then yes, the marquee would have been a better proposition. Total away attendance on the day was 250 or so and from that you can only guess how many, or mores to the point, how few actually used the facility.
That said, the rest of the information was spot on and as for the match, we grabbed a late winner to take our first 3 pointer since our return to the league. Just hope that if the club want my money, they should rethink the tent idea through in time for next year!

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