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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool
Premier League
Saturday, January 22nd 2011, 12.45pm

Carl Seward
(Liverpool fan)

1. Why you were looking forward to going to the ground (or not as the case may be):

Its another away ground ticked off the list! Not too far away from Liverpool but far enough to be a bit different.

2. How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

Very easy, straight down the M6, off the motorway then onto a nice free park and ride, located about 1 mile north of the city centre on the A449. Nice easy walk to the ground with the Wolves fans.

3. What you did before the game pub/chippy.... home fans friendly?

I was flying solo that day so got a maccy`s on the way down and went straight into the ground. Pubs around the ground look pretty nice but didn't fancy chancing it and having to put on a Black Country accent!

4. What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the ground?

Looks a nice ground from the outside, very colourful and fits in well with the surrounding area. The only criticism I would have of the away end is that the fans are spread out along the length of the pitch which makes it very difficult to get any atmosphere going (possibly a clever ploy by Wolves). Inside the ground looks good, very traditional but with enough modern facilities and plenty of leg room. They could do with removing the giant TV screens in the corners as they look like lookout posts from the 'Bridge on the River Kwai!'

5. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, toilets etc..

Well we won 3 - nil so the game itself was great, much better than Liverpool have played for a long time, although Wolves are a dangerous team and the result could have been different if they had been able to take their chances. The stewards were very friendly and despite the note that I received with my ticket stating `no standing is allowed at Molineux` we stood all through the game and not a thing was said. The home fans make plenty of noise, much more than I have noticed at other grounds, although most of it was to give stick to our keeper whenever he got near the ball.

6. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

Again, very easy. Fifteen minute stroll back up the main road and back into the car and home, very little traffic. I would recommend all drivers use the free park and ride at the Science Park on the A449, especially if they are coming from the North as it makes getting away after the game so much easier than having to go through the city centre.

7. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

Very enjoyable. I had read that Wolves fans could be easily narked but the ones I was walking along with were very friendly and knowledgable. If the away end could be more bunched up rather than in a thin strip then this would be a perfect away trip.

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