Wembley Stadium, London
FA Trophy Final
Kidderminster Harriers v Stevenage Borough
Saturday May 12th, 2007, 3pm
By David Lees

It was fantastic to make it to Wembley being a brand new stadium, especially for the first cup final to be played there, Outside the stadium we found it a little confusing as it wasn't clear where to go. Somehow we made it up to where the turnstiles are and admired the new Bobby Moore statue and looked down Wembley Way. We had a walk round, mingling with the fans. Outside the old Wembley there used to be a party atmosphere and there were plenty of food and merchandise stalls. But oddly the new stadium is different, without the Bobby Moore statue there it is nothing but bare concrete and fans waiting for the gates to open, so I suggest that you take a picnic!

With nothing much to do outside the stadium we decided to go in through the turnstiles and take our first look at the stadium and the first impressions was that it was fantastic. On entering the stadium our first priority was to get the kids (both under 4) safety wristbands as advertised on the Wembley web site. These wristbands have the seats and childs details on if they become lost. Well if somebody were to inform the staff about them then they would work great, as we were confronted by blank faces when we asked. We then decided to head for the bar where the pints of
beer were priced at 3.50 (Carlsberg or Tetley). I got a beer no problem but my mate wasn't as fortunate, we he asked for a pint of Tetley, he was asked whether he wanted sugar and milk! But anyway half hour before kick off the beer was soon running out and the queues to get a pint were huge, as they were for the toilets,

We found our seats no problem and I can honestly say the views are amazing. Then more problems, I couldn`t hear a thing the tannoy system said it was so distant and echoing I couldn`t make out the teams being announced. Our fans started singing 100 yards away and I couldn`t hear them either. I had to ask my wife if I had gone deaf?. The whole atmosphere of Wembley sounds echo`ey, and considering there were 50`000 fans + it didn`t feel right. I wonder what the sound would be like for a concert there? I also noticed that fans in the front rows of the stadium were getting wet through with the rain.

Well anyway we enjoyed the game despite losing and at full time left the ground quite easily, but when nothing else could get worse came the biggest headache of all, how on earth do you find your coach, every coach was nose to nose and squashed in. We just couldn't find ours, neither could anyone else!

I don't want to sound like a sore loser on the day but on my next visit I hope all these hiccups are corrected, if put right I do believe it can be the best stadium in the world.

Anyway congratulations to Stevenage

Dippy (harriers fan).


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