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Bescot Stadium
Walsall v  Wycombe Wanderers
Monday 5th April 2010, 3pm
League One 3pm

Joe Myall
(Wycombe Wanderers fan)

I was looking forward to my first visit to the Banks's stadium, having never been before it was a chance to tick another ground off my list. However after hearing bad reports about the ground I wasn't sure what to expect.

took the train from Wycombe to Birmingham which is  always an easy journey on the Chiltern line. From Birmingham New Street there was a train line direct to Walsall stopping at Bescot stadium. From the station it is very easy to find the stadium with the massive floors2go stand visible from the station as it towers over everything else . I didn't do anything before the game, deciding just to go right into the ground.

Due to the small size of our away following (I think that was the reason!) we were put in on half of the West Bromwich Building Society stand. I took my seat in the top row where the view was good but for a few supporting pillars obstructing the view. They aren't too bad as long as you pick your spot so you don't have the goal blocked from your view. The main floor2go stand massively stands out above everything else as all the other stands are the same height. This makes the ground look a bit uneven to say the least.

The game itself was a dull one with Walsall getting 2 early goals and then sitting back with Wycombe's attack force failing miserably. The stewards thought were excellent, letting us stand, not causing any trouble and just being overly very pleasant. I didn't try any of the food but I was told that the hot dogs were very good. the atmosphere from both ends was quite flat, but neither team really had much to cheer about. the game finished 2-1 to Walsall after we scored a late consolation goal.
Getting away from the ground at full time was a very easy walk back to the train station with a 5 min wait for the next train. However the away fans were as vocal as I had heard them all day, but nothing was meant badly. 

Overall I enjoyed my day out at the Bescot stadium, despite the dull game, and would certainly go back again and would recommend it to any football fan. I would also recommend taking the train to the game as it is just generally easier.

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