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White Hart Lane
Tottenham Hotspur v Wigan Athletic
Premier League

Monday 26th November 2007, 8pm
By Phil Keane
(Wigan Athletic fan)

I am a supporter of Wigan Athletic and made this trip with my son and 2 friends. I had planned this trip for a few weeks now and thought I had everything sorted.

The 1st problem I had was they changed the day of the match the day after I had booked train tickets and a hotel near Hyde park but a couple of phone calls later and an extra  15 and we were off.

On the day of the match we set out from our Hotel and caught the tube to Liverpool Street station where we where going to have a few beers in Hamilton Hall (Wetherspoons). Then came problem number two. I went up to get 4 tickets to White Hart Lane BR station only to be told that there where no trains running to this station today. Not a problem we thought we will catch the train to Northumberland Park. So a couple of pints later we caught the 1.30 train and made our way to Tottenham.

On arriving we headed for the pub just as you come out of the station you cant miss it it is right next door. We where the only away spectators in at the time but this wasn't a problem as we enjoyed the beer and a bit of a chat with a few hone fans, they sell jugs of ale to save you having to go back to the bar which is a great idea as the pub was full.

So at 2.30 we start to walk along the road to the ground ,this takes around 10 mins and on our way we passed a pub called the Olive Branch. This we though was quite funny as on a big sign outside it said " home fans only"

Into the ground we went and as usual in London we where searched going in which is a bit annoying as I am 50 and one of my friends is 60. Up the steps to the second tier and we had quite a good view of the game which from our point of view was awful as we went 3 goals down by half time and had struggled to hit corner flag let alone trouble the keeper. After asking a policeman to arrest me at half time (which he wouldn't), we settled down to watch the second half, then they score again and I did something which I had never before done in 41 years of watching Wigan I left early!

Out onto the High road and headed for Seven Sisters Tube station which was a good 25 min walk, because we came out early the station was quiet I don't no what it is like after the final whistle.

Overall we had a great weekend in London which was only slightly spoiled by the match. I would go again but it is not one of the easiest grounds in London to get to without a long walk.

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