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White Hart Lane
Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United
Premier League
Sunday 14th January 2007, 4pm
Barry Fennell
(Newcastle United fan)

It was a cold Newcastle morning leaving central station in Newcastle at 9.20am. Knowing that is was going to be a longer than normal train journey because of engineering works between Newark & Grantham we were looking forward to getting into Kings Cross for 14.10 so we could have a drink before the game. 1hr later the delayed GNER train leaves for London and we now know were are on a race against time for the 4pm kick off. Thankfully a few cans on the train a we were looking forward to the game. White hart lane was a new ground for me and I was looking forward to see what the stadium was like. 

We arrived at Kings Cross at 15.10 so we headed straight for the tube and straight onto a train. I had been told before hand that Seven Sisters tube station was 20min walk form the ground but was a better station to use as it would be less busy. The advice was right as it was a 20min walk to the ground. There are buses which you can jump on to take you down the high street towards the ground but the buses looked very busy and as it wasn't such a bad day we walked down the high st with the spurs fans. 

The ground pops out from the middle of nowhere. The away section is on the corner of the ground. After waiting to be searched by stewards who were friendly straight into the ground a just enough time for a bottle of Carlsberg. I was in the upper tier which was not that bad at all knowing what the upper tier at St James Park is like. The ground looked very modern with the big jumbotron's on either end of the ground. The match its self was fantastic with Newcastle somehow coming away with a 3-2 win. The stewarding was over the top inside the ground, let this be a warning to you they don't let you stand up and will throw you out if you do not sit down!!  

After the game it was straight onto the High Street with little police in sight. Traffic was at a stand still and I can see why there aren't that many England games at White Hart Lane. After another 20min walk to Seven Sisters straight onto a tube and back to Kings Cross ready for another long trip back to the north east, but with 3 points in the back it was a very enjoyable train journey back home. 

Overall a good day out and would go back to the White Hart Lane again.


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