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Liberty Stadium
Swansea City v
Tottenham Hotspur
Premier League
  December 31st 2011, 3pm

Victoria Evans
(Tottenham Hotspur fan)

Although I wasnít keen on going to a match on New Years Eve, I was very keen to see Swansea City's new stadium, as Iíd not been to their ground before. Plus there are no guarantees that Swansea will stay up this season, so I decided to go. We left Sussex at 7am, there were four of us in the car.  Luckily for me I had driven to Blackburn earlier this season so it wasnít my turn to drive.  Journey took four hours including a stop for breakfast just over the Welsh border.
We had remembered to look up beforehand and have the right money for the toll as you pay as you go into Wales (but oddly not on the way out!).
We found the ground very easily using this guide and parked up in a designated car park on the industrial estate opposite the stadium.  It cost £5 and seemed secure enough.  It was pouring with rain so we went to the Harvester which is just in front of the ticket office.  Lots of space in there for dining but the bar area is very small and got packed very quickly. I ordered some food to eat in the bar area, all standard fare for Harvester and no sign of prices going up for being a Southerner (which occasionally happens at away games elsewhere). The locals were very friendly and there was no sign of animosity at all.
Easy enough to get into the ground, got body searched going (not always done to us ladies on away trips).  The stadium is roomy and pleasant although a little bland (you can tell they lease it from the Council).  The view from the North Stand is excellent.  If you are in the lower tier youíll get wet (if raining) but if you are upper tier you are fine. I didnít eat nor drink in the ground. Good amount of toilets (for the girls anyhow). 
The home fans were noisiest in the North East Corner and sang the whole time with a variety of songs, although the whole home crowd sprung into life with their equalising goal.  
We stood the whole time and we werenít told to sit down at any time although there is a warning printed on your ticket.
When leaving the stadium, you werenít kept separated from the home crowd, but this wasn't a problem.  There were lots of cars parked badly/illegally on the industrial estate so getting out was a major pain.  Next time I go Iíll use the park and ride scheme which appeared to working well.
I enjoyed myself, a 1-1 draw was a fair result so all in all, I hope they stay up so I can visit again next season.

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