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Sunderland AFC
Videos of the Stadium of Light

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Below are links to some videos taken of the stadium which are hosted on YouTube.

Click on the images below to view.

Video 1

Title: Stadium of Light

Includes: A comprehensive video that starts with the walk from the Metro station up to the stadium. Views from both the home and away end whilst the stadium is empty. A look at the concourse and then a walk back to the station. The only downside is that the author seems fascinated by burger vans. See how many you can spot!

Time: 2:22

Video 2

Title: Final whistle at the Stadium of Light against Spurs.

Includes: Taken at the end of a match from the North West part of the stadium. Sweeps around stadium as Sunderland chant for Roy Keane.

Time: 0:25

Video 3

Title: Shrimpers at the stadium of light

Includes: Poor video quality, although good audio. Taken from the away section before kick off. The build up and teams coming out.

Time: 2:58

Title: Southend and Sunderland coming out the Tunnel at the Stadium of Light.

Includes: View from the away section as teams come out onto the pitch, plus crowd shots.

Time: 0:58


Do you know of any other good videos of the stadium on YouTube or similar website?
Or have you taken one yourself that you would like to share?
If so then please e-mail me.

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