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Stadium Of Light
Sunderland v Chelsea
Premier League
Chris Harding
(Chelsea fan)

It was my second trip up to Sunderland following the infamous 1985 Milk Cup quater finals and I was really looking forward to it. It was last day of the season and as a thanks for our support, Chelsea laid on a free train from London, the 4hr journey weren't too bad and as you enter Sunderland you get great views of the North Eastern coast.

As we arrived we soon got ushered into the town centre where their are a few pubs and bars to drink in and after a lovely refreshing beer we made our way to the stadium.The stadium is very easy to find, just follow the huge crowds and as you go over the bridge we saw the highly impressive Stadium of Light. We got ourselves a burger outside and headed for the away end that was the nearest stand (if your coming from the bridge). Everything was very reasonable and as there was free travel it was turning into a very cheap day out.

Inside the ground it was really impressive with three large stands and very unique, one of my favourites in the premiership and the away end provides a very good view. We took the full 3,000 allocation and the atmosphere was electric from both teams at the start as Sunderland were looking to survive relegation and their biggest rivals potentially going down they raised the roof. The news from Villa Park that Newcastle were losing, went down a treat from both supports as the loudest cheer of the game was that Newcastle were going down.

The game itself was very good also as Chelsea dominated and as the game came to a close our quality showed when Anelka, looking for his golden boot, smashed a glorious shot into the top corner. As the final whistle went we applauded the Chelsea boys who gave a great effort all season and a few of our fans got taken away for encroaching on the pitch.

Outside the ground on the way back to the station was quality as well, as the sunderland fans revelled in their big rivals going down but were also very friendly with know trouble what so ever. Overall then a great day out capped by a classic Chelsea win and made it one of the best aways of the season and I for one can't wait for Sunderland next year.

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