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Lamex Stadium
Stevenage v Oldham Athletic
League One
Saturday, August 3rd 2013, 3pm
Chris Johnson
(Oldham Athletic fan)

Where to begin with Stevenage? Well we travelled there by train and after a short 25 minute walk (admittedly we may not have taken the most direct route) via the impressively large Stevenage police station we arrived at The Lamex. We took the advice from the Guide and headed straight for the club bar located under the away stand. On entering we were met with quite a rabble of home and away fans looking to get that pre-match pint in. However, eventhough it was a sizeable queue, it moved quickly and before we knew it we were stood outside in the sunshine enjoying our beverages.

The home fans were very friendly and one chap, struck up a conversation with us expressing his delight for Blackpool and its renowned £2.28 pint which he signed off with an enthusiastic cordon bleu style raising of the hand to the lips and kissing the air.

Once we’d got into the ground there wasn’t much in the way of refreshment outlets other than one small food shack. The stand itself, despite being behind the goal mouth offered a very good view of the pitch, the roof was tested half way through the second half when the heavens opened and by and large most fans remained dry, with the exception of a few rows at the very front.

There was however disappointment at half time. I left to use the facilities about five minutes before the end of the first half and on my way back tried to purchase a pie and a pint from the aforementioned shack but to my horror I was informed that there was no beer to be had inside the ground, After the initial shock wore off I remembered that I’d suffered a similar tragedy at other grounds and consoled myself with the thought of a hotter than the sun Balti pie. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be as the young lass behind the counter informed me that they had sold out of pies, so I moodily trudged back to my seat with a hot dog. The day was not lost though after a fabulous individual effort from Cristian Montano Oldham secured a 4-3 win.

Post game we took a leisurely stroll to the Stevenage old town….. where to begin…. if you like grey then this is definitely the place for you. Admittedly post game when all the shops were shut wasn’t the best time to stroll through the town but it’s undeniable post-apocalyptic chic does seem to drain the soul. Eventually we stumbled across a Wetherspoons and took in the patio area which had a splendid view of the local (currently closed) club Flava and various youths up to no good.

As we walked back to the train station we did see the Welcome To Stevenage sign which had the rather creative tag line of “Where The Imagination Takes Hold”.

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