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Greenhous Meadow
Shrewsbury Town v Notts County

League One

Saturday, November 23rd 2013, 3pm
Sam Hodgson
 (Doing the 92)

It was the next ground of our 92 so it was another one to tick off the list and it wasn't too far for us to travel. Also it was a big game in the division, with Notts County rock-bottom of the league and Shrewsbury perilously close to the drop zone.
It was about an hour by train to Shrewsbury Castle Forgate Street but that wasn't a problem. What was the problem was the 50 minute walk to the stadium. Since we had no idea where the bus station was we relied on my friends' phone to guide us to the ground. It was too far to walk  and there was not a single sign post until you reached the island that was directly next to the stadium.
We just got our tickets (for an extortionate price as we paid on the day - I did try to book in advance but I had trouble with the ticket shop online) and went in, got a drink and a pie, and found our seat. I did feel that it was a generally friendly atmosphere and I had no worries that there would be any trouble.
When we entered the ground the first thing I noticed was how simple looking the stadium was. It was rather bland and didn't have the character you would find at other grounds, just four basic, similar-looking stands in a very open setting.
The game wasn't very entertaining, although both teams had plenty of chances, however most them were poorly executed. Shrewsbury's striker finished well for the only goal in the 75th minute or so, but it was a nerve-racking end with County having the ball cleared off the line and they also hit the under side of the bar and the post as well, but Shrewsbury took the all-important three points.

The atmosphere was quite poor with the Shrewsbury fans remaining very quiet throughout the game, with the exception of one chant that was repeated occasionally when the moment was with their team. I had a balti pie which was delicious but cost 3.10, the most I have ever spent on a pie at a football match, so yet again I was quite disapointed. The facilities were very modern, and the seats had plenty of leg space, and the stewards were barely noticed all game.
We had to leave early to catch the train and we had to run the majority of the route as we had 35 minutes to get to the station, so I did not particularly enjoy that part of the day-out either.
If I'm honest I didn't entirely enjoy the day taking in that the everything was over-priced, the journey was very long, the game wasn't much to cheer about and the stadium was rather bland, one that I would unfortunately not look forward to returning too. I hope my remaining ground visits I have left to do of the 92 will be more enjoyable.

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