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Greenhous Meadow
Shrewsbury Town v Gillingham

League One

Saturday, October 12th 2013, 3pm
Martyn Beadle
 (Gillingham fan)

1. Why you wee looking forward to going to the ground?
Was looking forward going back to this ground to hopefully erase some bad memories of my last visit here when my team Gillingham lost 7-0. That was a woeful day that day apart from the sun shining! Other than that I have found Shrewsbury to be a brilliant stadium and one of the best I have been too.
2. How easy was your journey/ finding the ground/car parking?
Our journey wasn't too bad. We left Orpington at 8:15am and arrived at the ground just after 12pm. This wasn't too bad considering we stopped at a couple of service stations and got caught in a bit of traffic on the M1. The ground was pretty easy to find, as it is well signposted from the outskirts of the town. A special mention to the car parking. I emailed Shrewsbury on the Friday before the game and asked them about the parking and they said only permit holders are allowed to park in the stadium car park itself at 10 a time and sales were on the internet, but we arrived at the ground and spoke to a couple of car park attendants asking where we could park because our driver couldn't walk too far, so they told us to pull over into a space in the car park while their manager came and spoke to us. The manager came over and asked if we had a blue disabled badge, but my uncle said he is waiting for one so the car parking manager told us we could park in a disabled bay just outside the away turnstiles which was very helpful indeed and it didn't cost us a penny. So I must thank the Shrewsbury car parking staff for their generosity.
What did you do before the game/home fans friendly?
When we got out of our car we saw that there were five-a-side football pitches behind the stadium and a bar right opposite them. So my mate asked if we could go in there to have a few drinks before the game started and they let us in. I dont know if away fans know anything about this bar because we were then only three other Gillingham supporters in the bar and it was reasonably well-priced, The home fans were friendly they came around with a raffle ticket 1 a strip and the winner would receive a signed Bobby Charlton photo from when he made a guess appearance for Shrewsbury in 1980 against Zambia, the fella who sold the tickets came up to me to draw the raffle an number 32 came out and fortunately my Uncle won the prize! Also when we left the pub some Shrewsbury fans shook our hands and wished us all the best for the game.
What you thought of the ground/first impressions of away end/ other sides of the ground?
From the outside the ground looked brilliant. The away end wasn't too bad as we stood up at the back so had plenty of leg room, the other sides of the ground were pretty much the same. We had a bit of banter with the Shrewsbury fans who were stood to he left of us but it was all friendly.
Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, Stewards, pies, toilets?
The game was pretty poor from a Gillingham point of view, we lost the game 2-0 and apart from a 5 minute spell before half-time and after the break we didn't look like scoring at all. It turned out in the end to be Martin Allens last game in charge of the Mighty Gills. The atmosphere was good from the Gillingham fans who tried making as much noise as we could generate especially at the start of the 2nd half, the stewards were no problem at all didn't have anything to eat at the ground and the toilets were nice and clean and spacious.
Comments on getting away from the ground?
Getting away from the ground was quite relatively easy, took time getting out the car park but once outside it took us about 4 hours to get home that is with traffic and service station stops.
Summary of overall thoughts off the day out?
A brilliant day out, apart from the result and the performance, I would recommend Shrewsbury for a day out, friendly stewards and very friendly fans.

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