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Bramall Lane
Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday
 Sunday 16th October 2011, 1pm
League One
Teresa Jewell
(Sheffield Wednesday fan)

This derby match is really important to both sets of fans and is steeped in history and to some, the cause of hatred. Yet the funny thing is that as I came off Sheffield Midland Station platform from Manchester as I actually life in Stockport, the few fans around of both Clubs were mixing quite well. With only a few police present.

The ground at Bramall lane is easy to get to with a 15-20 minutes walk or there are taxi's outside of the station. Myself dad and my son had time to kill so we walked through the city centre with a couple of hundred other supporters. Many not wearing their colours for obvious reasons.
As we got nearer the ground you can see that Bramall Lane has under gone many changes making it more up to date and clean looking. The police presence was very strong, but it was easy to get to the away entrance turnstiles, which were electronic. The facilities for away fans were good, catering was varied good priced and the staff cheerful and pleasant. The toilets were found to be clean and of a good standard.

Finding our seats with the help of the really good stewards was a blessing. These same stewards dealt with a strong arm with any trouble makers so do be aware of this. They do not mess and they take you out of the stand very fast.
Getting away from the ground was easy the police were a little over evident and roads were closed. We were able to walk back into the town centre with out any trouble and back to the train station. This is were the only trouble was seen.
Overall this was a good day really enjoyed it. The game was hard fought with goals coming from  Quinn on 11 minutes and Evans on 20 minutes for Sheffield United. There was loads of action and of course fouls but it wouldn't be a derby without those. Sheffield Wednesday even though they had lots of the ball and 10 attempts on goal managed to score on the 82nd minute through O'Grady and then 4 minutes later through Madine. As can be imagined the travelling Wednesday fans were in heaven unlike the home fans who were gutted.
As I Wednesday fan, I really wanted to write something bad about being an away fan at Bramall Lane, but there is nothing to write. A good ground to visit.

Final score: 2-2
Attendance: 28,136

Teresa Jewell, Travelling Owls Fan (even home games are an away game, as I life in Stockport)  I am a Yorkshire girl through and through and proud!

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