Aberdeen v Dundee United
  Wednesday January 2nd, 2013
Premier League, 3pm
By Martin McNab

Pittodrie Aberdeen FC

Being a loyal Dundee United fan, a trip to the home of our 'New Firm' rivals Aberdeen is an occasion not to be missed. Along with around 2,200 fellow Arabs I made the one and a half hour trip up north to the granite city and was looking forward to the match. Being my first trip to Pitodrie I was not to sure what to expect when I entered the ground however I had heard from some friends that the condition of the stadium (or atl east the away section) was not the most welcoming places to be.

Finding the ground was not too difficult. We followed the main road through the city's harbour area and the stadium is quite well signposted. Before the game we had hoped to go to a for a bite to eat but because of the bad traffic on the roads we did not get to the stadium till about 20 minutes before kick off.

My first sight of the ground was from the south side. Seeing the impressive Richard Donald stand I thought that the the away fans area would not be too bad. However when we got into the away end I was not impressed. The seats are in a state of dissrepair and some of them can be a bit hard to pull down becaue of them being so rusty although this did not prove to be a problem because we were standing up for the duration of the match. The view of the pitch is decent and there is a lot of legroom for those who chose to sit.

The game itself was a cracking game, by half time Dundee United were leading 2-1, thanks to a Jaime Langfield (the Aberdeen keeper) own goal. Being rivals the atmosphere was brilliant, helped by the fact that the fans are separated by no more than a fence meaning that the banter flying back and forth between the home and away fans was brilliant. The stewards were not the best of people to deal with however that seems to be the case at more and more grounds in Scotland nowadays.

Just before half time I went to get myself a pie and bovril, the queue however was enormous due to the fact that there was only 3 serving stations to cater for the 2,000-2,500 away fans. After a wait of almost 20 minutes I reached the serving station only to find out that they had ran out of pies, hotdogs and all hot food just before half time, something that was not pleasing the fans. The toilets in the ground were not that bad however, like the food stalls there was by no means enough toilets to cater for a large away support which meant more waiting in queues.

Getting out of the ground was fine despite a 5 minute wait for them to open the gates and overall with the game ending 2-2 it was a good day out and I cant wait to go again.

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