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New York Stadium
Rotherham United v
Sheffield United
 Pre Season Friendly
Tuesday July 31st 2012, 7.45pm

Sam Blackburn
(Sheffield United fan)

1. Why you were looking forward to going to the ground (or not as the case may be):

I was looking foward to seeing Rotherham's New York stadium. It was good to go to a new ground and to see Rotherham back in their home city and not at the dire Don Valley Stadium. After seeing SUFC play Rotherham at three different grounds it was good to see them in their rightful place.

2. How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

As I was traveling from Sheffield it wasnít much of a hassle. I got to the ground at about 6:30pm and found some off street parking. There is plenty around Rotherham but you have to get there early to get a decent spot

3. What you did before the game pub/chippy.... home fans friendly?

Before the game we went hunting for food. As the town centre is only a brief 5 minute walk away you found all the mod cons and respectable eating establishment. There are a few pubs around the ground but didnít venture in as the local rivalry is always a factor to these sorts of games and therefore segregating the pubs into home fans only. There were a few burger vans around the ground to visit as well.

4. What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the ground?

From the outside the ground looks massive and very impressive. When travelling over the bypass you can see the floodlights and it brings back the nostalgia of an old fashioned football ground. When walking up to its very impressive. The stadium is still not completed yet so when it is fully done I am sure this will be a cracking ground for away supports to visit

5. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc...

As the game was a friendly it was a non-descript game really. Although the ground was near full with an attendance of 11,033 which made to a very good atmosphere. The acoustics are very good in the ground and the noise travels. As for the stewarding very substandard, it is done by G4S a security company and it just seemed to be a lot of bouncers and not stewards which was a little disconcerting. They were very heavy handed at times and really didnít know what they were doing. The facilities are still to be decided as the ground is not fully completed, but the entire kiosk inside were open and the prices were very good.

6. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

Getting away was relatively easy and was home for 10:10pm.

7. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

Very good ground and will be a cracking day out for a competitive match. There was 3500 in the away end the noise was fantastic. Rotherham finally has a ground to be proud of.

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