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Madejski Stadium
Reading v Watford
Saturday September 10th 2011, 3pm
Championship League
By Matthew Batchelor
(Watford fan)

As I'm only 12 years old I have not visited many away games. As a big Watford Supporter I chose to go to an away match for my birthday, and Reading seemed the perfect trip.  I was also looking forward to visiting the Madjeski after reading lots of good reports on the stadium.
As my family and I live near Brighton on the South Coast, me and my Dad packed into our Citroen car at around 10am and made the two hour trip to Reading. We had no hold ups on the M25 or the M4 and got to Reading at around 12 noon. We tried to find some parking on the streets, however as the ground is located next to some Industrial parks and there is a strict two hour parking curfew we found this very hard. We spent nearly 10 minutes doing this and after a while we took this websites advice and parked at the Acre Road warehouse car park for a cost of £7.

We then visited the convenient KFC and got something to eat while both sets of fans mingled and chatted. After about an one hour we made the short walk to the ground and made the customary walk right around the stadium.
As we had previously paid for our tickets online and had recieved them in the post a couple of days before, we got into the stadium painlessly and made the massive hike to the top of the stand.  As you come out of the concourse the stadium looks pretty impressive although a little bland as nearly all the stands were the same apart from the West Stand which has a row of excutive boxes which run the length of it. The legroom was very impressive and spacious. The acoustics were excellent and as the Reading faithful were located just to our right there was quite a bit of banter. The concourse was nothing special but did its job.
The game was nothing special, however Watford came away with 3 deserved points. The game started well for Watford and we scored with only 12 minutes on the clock from an excellent free-kick dispatched by Mark Yeates, which sent the 1,338 Watford fans wild with delight.

At half time we went to the food counter and both purchased a reasonably priced hot chocolate before making the trip back to our seats. The only downside to the away section, is at the back there
is a small gap between the roof and the back wall. And as it was raining and we seated at the back of this stand, we got soaked!

The second half kicked off with Reading puting pressure on Watford, however during that period John Eustace came out of nowhere and placed the ball in the top of the corner from a low cross. This sent the Watford faithful into full song and completely drowned the Reading crowd.
After the final whistle me and my Dad applauded the players and our manager before joining the long line of spectators trying to get out of the stadium. 5 minutes later we were walking through the crowds to get back to our car. There seemed to be no trouble between the Reading and Watford fans. There was a big traffic jam going towards the M4 but that quickly passed and before we knew it we were back on the motorway. From there it was quick journey back to the South Coast.
Overall a good day out and very good result for the Golden Boys.

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