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Preston North End v  Exeter City
League One
Saturday, August 20th 2011, 3pm

Steve Ellis
(Exeter City fan)

Why were you looking forward to this game?
I was looking forward to this game since the fixtures came out. It is a stadium I had never been to and being an Exeter supporter not one you would think you would ever go to! Plus it was to be the first real test of the season.
How easy was the journey, Home fans friendly, what did you do before the game?
The journey itself was very easy leaving Exeter at 7.30am on the supporters coach and arriving just before 1pm. On arriving I waited along side Exeter fans and Preston fans for the Exeter team to arrive. The home fans were friendly and easy to talk with. Before the match I took a walk round the stadium having a look at the main entrance and also the statue of the great Tom Finney, known as 'the splash'.  Once through the turnstiles I went pitchside in order to have a proper look and take pictures of the legends that are printed in the seats before the ground started filling up, I then returned to the bar on the concourse and watched the end of the live Sky Sports game.
What you thought on seeing the ground? and inside?
As we arrived the ground was tucked in behind houses but as we left the coach it is easy to see how much work has gone into modernising, as all four sides looked new. The away end looked quite steep so if your not that good with heights dont go to near the top but no matter where you sit you have good leg Room and superb views. The other stands pretty much the same.

The game itself was a 1-0 defeat for Exeter with Preston scoring just before half time and Exeter going down to 10 men during that first half, our keeper doing his best to keep us in the game with a few good saves, but with 10 men Exeter seemed to be the better team in the second half.

The atmosphere during the game was excellent, refreshments were a good range of food and non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks all at usual sort of prices or meal deals for 4.50. The stewards were very friendly  and helpful and stayed out of the way and taking time to chat with the visiting supporters and offering to take pictures for supporters. The toilets were also clean.
Comment on getting away after the game:
Getting away after was fairly easy, just a slow journey back to the motorway but when there it was an easy journey home. arriving just after 10pm. Despite the result it was a fantastic day out.

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