Fratton Park, Portsmouth
Portsmouth v Coventry City
Championship League
Saturday December 3rd
2011, 3pm
By Alex Smith

1. Why were you looking forward to visiting the ground (or not if the case may be):
Portsmouth was a ground and place I was looking foward to since the fixtures were realeased. I had never been to Pompey before and I wanted to visit as the way things are going we might not be in the same league next season, so I wouldn't get the chance to visit for a while.
2. How easy was the journey/finding the ground/car parking
Me and my Dad went on the train. It was a long and quite a complicated journey; We left Coventry station at 8.31am, on a London bound train to Euston. At Euston we then got on the tube to London Waterloo, where we boarded a train to Portsmouth Harbour. This train seemed to stop at every station between London and Portsmouth, which seemed to take forever. After finally arriving at Portsmouth Harbour and with a bit of time on our hands we went to the docks to look at the warships that were in port. After doing this we headed back to the station and took a taxi up to Fratton Park.
3. What did you de before the game pub/chippy?
We managed to get to Fratton Park just as the Coventry team were arriving on their team coach and I managed to see them as they got off and went into the ground via the Players Entrance. With still sometime before kick off, we walked to the Good Companion pub, which was good.
4. What was your thoughts on the ground away end then other sides of the ground
The away stand wasn't the greatest looking, especially as the walk up to it was rather muddy. The other sides looked better and the old Main Stand looked unusual especially with the tv cameras perched right up on its roof. If you get chance go and look at the main entrance to Fratton Park, it looks like some old cottage rather than a football ground entrance.
5. Comments on game stwards pies toilets.
I did try a burger but it wasn't great. I was rather annoyed after standing up to sing 'twist and shout' that a steward tapped me on the shoulder and tells me to sit down, which I thought was outrageous. Other Cov fans too were also being asked to sit down which led to a few unnecessary confrontations between the stewards and fans.

As for the game, then the Sky Blues started off poor and things goot worse as in the 35th minute Pompey were awarded a hotly disputed penalty, which was duly converted by Erik Husselklepp. The second half was better for |Coventry and in the 67th minute we equalised through Llukas Jutkiewiczt. However we did our usual trick by concedeing not after scoring and Pompey won the game 2-1 .
Leaving the ground after the game all we had to do is walk to Fratton train station and then get the train to Portsmouth Harbour and get back to Waterloo so it was easy.
6. Summary of the day:
Generally very good, although disappointed with the food at the ground and the stewards! 


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