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London Road
Peterborough United
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Championship League
Saturday September 22nd 2012, 3pm
Thomas Sperrink
(Wolves fan)

1. Why you were looking forward to going to the ground (or not as the case may be):

I was really looking forward to visiting Peterborough as I knew quite a few Wolves fans would be travelling and I expected a good atmosphere as most Wolves fans would be housed in the standing terrace.

2. How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

It was a really easy drive from Birmingham up the M6/A14/A605 and then we managed to find some free street parking off Oundle Road about 5-10 minutes walk from the ground.

3. What you did before the game pub/chippy.... home fans friendly?

We visited the Palmerston Arms for a pint as the landlord had posted on a Wolves message board that we would be welcome there (which I thought was a very nice touch as he also left his phone number should fans require parking).  It was a great little pub with all the ales poured straight from the barrels which are housed behind the bar the other side of a glass window.  The service was very quick and the beer was excellent.  The home supporters were very friendly and although my father and I were happy to chat between ourselves I did notice a few conversations between opposing fans.

4. What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the ground?

We walked down to the ground and it was easy access to the away stands.  We chose to buy our tickets in the seated area adjacent to the pitch while the majority of away support was housed in the standing terrace to our left behind the goal.  The stand we were in was pretty dated with wooden seats and with standing areas behind each goal only the stand opposite us looked like it had been recently built. There were some supporting pillars in front of us but they didnít block our view particularly badly.

5. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, toilets etc..

We both grabbed a balti pie and a Bovril before the game which were the best Iíve had in a couple of seasons, however we bought ours 20 minutes before kick off and they were the last 2 so I would suggest they probably do not stock enough for a larger away following.  There are a couple toilets in the seated stand and the half time entertain was quite funny with the mascots having a running and throwing competition.

The game itself was utterly dominated by Wolves who scored a penalty mid way through the first half and added a second late in the second half but rarely looked troubled by a fairly toothless Peterborough side.  The atmosphere was pretty good, although some moronic Wolves fans threw a couple of flares onto the pitch after we scored and despite a steward being about 3 foot away it was left to the goalkeeper to remove this from the field of play.  In their defence the stewards in my stand were fine and created a relaxed atmosphere.  The Peterborough fans did seem to rouse themselves in the second half when their side showed a bit more bite but in the end the timing of the goals kept the Wolves fans on top.

6. Comment on getting away from the ground after the game:

Getting away was easy enough, we walked back to the car and the traffic was a little heavy but not too bad.

7. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out:

I would definitely recommend a trip to Peterborough as the ground was a blast from the past and created a good atmosphere.  I think the ground will probably change in the coming years so I would recommend getting a trip to London Road before it changes too much.

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