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London Road
Peterborough United
Championship League
Saturday April 21st 2012, 3pm
Joe Cummins
(Watford fan)

I was really looking forward to the match because London Road is essentially the only ground with terracing I'd be able to travel to with Watford for some time. It was slightly disappointing however because if Watford had previously won a few more games, then this could have sent us to the play-off's as it was the second last game of the season. I was still looking forward to it however as I knew it would be a fun day out.

Getting to the ground was relatively easy as it was a straight road from the A1 all the way to London Road. We parked about 10 minutes away from the ground as we wanted to avoid post-match congestion. The station wasn't far away either so coming by train wouldn't be too much hassle. The ground is quite visible because of its large floodlights.

Upon leaving the car park, we crossed under a small subway onto a main High Street. There were various places to eat and drink there but there wasn't really the kind of pub me and my Dad were looking for. We crossed a bridge just off of the High Street and found this nice place with an outside seating area and a drinks kiosk. There were many Peterborough and Watford fans there so it made for a nice atmosphere before the game.

When I first arrived at the ground, I was quite impressed by the Norwich and Peterborough South Stand that was relatively big and had two tiers. The two ends were terracing of course and the low roof made for some nice acoustics inside. The Main Stand wasn't as impressive, but it housed 800 seats for away fans, if you didn't fancy standing.

The game was probably the best away atmosphere you could get at an away game this season. The low roof over the away terrace makes every song sound really loud and all away fans would probably be impressed by the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the home fans were some of the quietest bunch i've ever seen and there were a few " Library..." chants coming from us! The only time I heard them was when they scored.

The stewards were generally rather laid back and only really had to react when loads of Watford fans came to the front when we scored. The hospitality in the terracing was quite poor to be honest. There was one serving hatch that served all the general stuff as well as some pies, however since it was the only one it was always packed. There was also only one ladies/gents toilet, this caused queues and was very inconvenient. 

The game itself was quite exciting resulting in a 2-2 draw. The home side took the lead early on through a penalty. Before Watford bounced back when the Peterborough keeper failed to clear his lines. Watford then took the lead when Sean Murray netted an excellent direct free kick. However Peterborough levelled the game when Davis knocked in a rebound from outside the box. The game was good to watch with both teams playing relatively well.

Getting away was pretty easy, you just had to walk across a dirt path until you reach the main road again. There didn't seem to be an awful lot of Police presence around the ground. However once we reached the car there was a lot of traffic getting out of the central area. The way back to the A1 was relatively easy as London Road joins onto the junction on the A1.

Overall I was rather impressed by the day out, the terracing was a laugh as I hadn't really been on one before. The game itself was quite good, even if we were only 14th by the end. I would recommend it to families and men alike because of the fact there is both terracing and seating for away fans. The ground is also not far from the centre of town so you can do a bit before the game as well.

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