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Kassam Stadium
Oxford United v Exeter City
League Two
Tuesday, October 22nd 2013, 7.45pm
Gary Parker
(Doing the 92)

I have been trying to tick this one off the 92 for several years and despite living in Swindon which isnít that far away, I have never quite managed to get there to watch my 2nd team (Exeter City) so at last a midweek game that I was able to get to and get it ticked of the list

The Kassam is very easy to get to and is signed from the M40, As it was a midweek game the Oxford ring road was a bit busy but not too bad, so we arrived earlier than we thought we would. We took the advice of other reviews and swerved the car parks, but as you go past the ground there is street parking all down one side of the main road for about a mile, so we parked up and wandered back towards the stadium.

Opposite the open end there is a bowling complex and Sports bar, so we popped in there for a few pints, both sets of fans were welcomed and shirts were no bother, there was also a fast food outlet of sorts in there which seemed burgers, and southern fried chicken in a box, but we passed that one up as it wasnít long before kick off.

The first impressions of the Kassam are poor. It has only has three sides and one side and the home end are identical in style with only the Main Stand having an upper tier. As its still a fairly new ground its typically bland with no character. The away fans are placed in the side stand at the open end and it can be a bit open to the elements. The access is good and the viewing of the game is good with no obstructions in the way.

The game its self was very good with Exeter in 3rd place and Oxford in 4th it was an evenly fought contest and both teams were ďat itĒ and trying to win the game but it ended in a 0-0 draw which was fair, although Exeter were denied a stonewall penalty that the ref just somehow missed it.  He was poor throughout though and baffled both sets of fans and players with some awful decisions.  But it was still one of the best 0-0 games I have watched in a long long time. The food was very average in choices and prices, BUT the steak and Ale pie was worth every penny of the £3.00 and I would highly recommend it.

There were only just over 5,000 at the game and although it was slow going on the main road past the ground, once we were moving we were soon back on the M40 and got home in an hour and 10 minutes so cant complain at that

Overall it was a decent evenings entertainment, it was a good point for Exeter especially as most around us dropped points. The pie was very good the ground isnít one I will bother visiting again but its another one ticked off and I only have 27 to go now. So far I have managed all 65 grounds watching either Tottenham or Exeter, and taken my time, I have now decided to finish the 92 in the next two years so have abandoned that plan and will be taking in some neutral games, starting at Brighton in 3 weeks time.

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