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Boundary Park
  Oldham Athletic v Sheffield Wednesday
League One
Saturday, December 10th 2011, 3pm

Teresa Jewell
(Sheffield Wednesday fan)

Going to watch Oldham is actually nearer to my home in Stockport then Sheffield. My Dad and son travelled early morning anticipating icy roads and bad conditions from Sheffield. As it turned out all routes to Manchester were fine.
This game was anticipated to be a tough one as Oldham were on a roll off five straight wins, coming mostly at Boundary Park. As always my son couldn't wait for us to go and his delight increased when he spotted a KFC,  Pizza Hut, Nandos and a McDonalds on a retail shopping park as we turned off the motorway towards the ground. Incidentally the retail park is a five minute walk from the car park at the side of Oldham Athletic. There was a fee for parking of which we paid 5 for a car. Do note to get there early as they make you park your cars from the front going to the back of the car park (so first in first out).
Oldham FC had given Wednesday additional tickets and boy did they need to, as approx 4,500 turned up. Due to the cold weather everyone was wrapped up, so fashion went out of the window. It resembled the march of the penguins (side by side, huddled together) as we progressed up the hill to the rear of the away stand.

The ground it self has seen better days, old fashioned turnstiles, rusted holes in the roof and toilets that leave a lot to be desired. All in all not good and open to all the elements (oh sorry blasts of the weather).
The stadium refreshments were from three kiosks which couldn't cope with the crowds of people waiting. Pies at 2.50 and hot drinks at 1.60. So average prices to other League One venues. Alcohol was available, but was not on sale at half time. Not sure why!
The game itself saw Wednesday not playing well in the first 20 minutes. Oldham had their chances, with Simpson coming close a few times and on one occassion forcing the Wednesday keeper to pull off a storming save. Us fans were cold and wet by this time (we were seated at the front and not covered by the roof), but as true Yorkshire people we sang our hearts out and bounced around, so it was party time. The players seemed to start to react to chants of their names and songs especially for Somedo and Sanchez Watt.
We managed to keep Oldham at bay until the half time whistle.

After half time and a few tweaks to the team the Owls started a lot brighter. Prutton returning to the Wednesday side from sitting on the bench for a few games, scored a brilliant goal on 66 minutes. He went past two defenders before slotting home into the bottom right corner. The Wednesday fans loved his celebration and a few climbed onto the pitch. Stewards and Police took control and the game recommenced. The Owls had chance after chance and with five minutes left, the pressure paid off when Wednesday were awarded a penalty, after Watt was fouled in the area. Substitute Lowe calmly placed the ball down and took the goalkeeper the wrong way to make it 2-0!

Songs of jingle bells rang out off Boundary Park as their fans started to leave dejected. At least we boosted their attendance for the day to 7060.  
Getting away from the ground was easy out off the car park straight out onto the main road. From Oldham to Stockport 15 minutes and that was stopping on the way at a shop as my son wanted a celebratory Kit Kat!

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