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Sealand Road, Chester City FC

Main Stands
This was originally made up of two structures as seen below. These were demolished in 1979 to be replaced by a new single Main Stand. It is not sure when the original structures were built, but they certainly pre-date the Second World War.

Main Side, Sealand
                      Road, Chester City

Sealand End
This End was given the nickname 'The Barn' by supporters.

Sealand End,
                      Chester City

Kop End & Popular Side
The Popular Side was covered in 1968.

Kop End and
                      Paddock, Sealand Road, Chester City

Special thanks to Mats Ronnerstam for providing the photos for this page.
They were taken in 1975.

Record Attendance: 20,378 v Chelsea
FA Cup 3rd Round, January 16th, 1952

Ground Opened in 1906 - the club left to move to the Deva stadium in 1990.

The ground was demolished in the mid 1990's and a Retail Park was built on the site.

Below is a video from YouTube showing the ground in 1979
Thanks to W Gibson for sharing this with us:

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