Globe Arena

Morecambe v Bradford City
League Two
Tuesday, January 1st 2013, 3pm
By Callum Holmes

I was looking forward to this game for quite a few reasons. This was only the Globe Arena's third season, I went to the first but missed last seasons as I was on holiday, so it was nice to go back. Another reason was because I hadn't attended a City away match since November 3rd 2012 (just under two months before this game) so was nice to watch us in a different stadium, was meant to attend the Wycombe game... but that's a different story.

My journey was fairly easy, I just sat in the back and got drove by a mate, so was nice and relaxing. The built in TomTom helped find the ground, but even without that it was fairly easy to find due to the signs and fans walking. Their didn't seem to be a car park, but was a road just next to the stadium that you could park on.

Before the game I went into a McDonald's which was around ten minutes walk away from the ground. No bother in there and service was quick and easy. Apart from that I didn't really do anything, just parked up, got all the stuff ready and walked the short journey into the stadium. Mingled with home fans and had no bother.

When driving past the ground my first thought was 'nice little modern stadium' and that stayed the same as I walked round. Got through the turnstile and walked into the terraced away end, plenty of room and with me arriving fairly early could get a good spot and lean on a post. Away fans also have the option to sit, that area is to the side and holds around 300 fans. My first thoughts on the home ends.. well the one opposite me was pretty much identical to the away end, terraced. The stand to the left was the 'Main Stand'. All seated and had an area for the 'important' people of both clubs to watch the game. As for the stand on my right.. well that was basically a very small terrace, which had only about twenty fans stood in it. Not the best stand I've seen in this league lets say that!

The game itself? Shocking! We battered Morecambe, with them having no more than five shots, we must've had at least twenty. Somehow it finished 0-0, with James Hanson missing our best chance, a header from six yards with most of the goal to aim at. Ah well, just wasn't our day. We had over 1700 fans in the away end so the atmosphere was obviously a good one, although towards the end of the game we started to get frustrated, but still tried to help the lads trying to score us a goal. Stewards? What stewards? Think I saw three in our end, one in the left corner, one in the middle and on on the right, just watching us to see we weren't doing anything daft (which of course we weren't!). Quite a few police turned up at the end though, just in case we scored because last year we got a 90th minute equaliser and a few went on the pitch, so that was them just thinking of the possibilities more than anything else. Highlight of the game was Kev Ellison's stick! Didn't get a pie or anything during the game so can't comment, although went to the toilets and they're what you expect at our level. Not the best...

Getting away was easy.. after we'd got out. Leaving the ground itself was a bit of a squeeze, only one exit and you can imagine 1700 fans trying to get our at once, then there's stewards and police in there as well.. not the most comfort I've ever had. After we had got out, however, it was easy to find the car and again no trouble with the home fans.

On the whole it was a good journey, good atmosphere, not bad performance but shocking result. For any fan wondering whether to make the trip to Morecambe's Globe Arena - I'd say go. Good traditional away end, not likely to be involved in bother and one of the best modern football grounds you'll see at this level.

The Teams Coming Out At The Start Of The Game:
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