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Globe Arena
Southend United
League Two

Saturday, October 20th 2012, 3pm
John Spooner
(Southend United fan)

My son and I were looking forward to a first visit to The Globe Arena, with both sides having won their last games and hoping to climb the table.

The journey was easy for us Southend fans living in North Wales with a 90 mile trip compared to a near 300 mile journey for the majority of travelling fans from Essex. Using exit 34 of the M6 takes you easily to the ground. We looked at parking options and decided to park at the nearby school for 4 and a short walk to the ground.

Before the game we took the opportunity to drive along the promenade and see the Eric Morecambe statue and enjoy the stunning views of Morecambe Bay.

On arrival, the first impression of the ground is that it is new and obviously built with limited funding, with one side having a large all seater stand but opposite is a severely limited standing uncovered area. The away terrace was closed to Southend fans and we had to sit on one side of the all seated Main Stand which is comfortable and gives a clear view of what was a good looking pitch.

My only gripe is that it was 5 extra to sit and I felt a bit miffed that Morecambe had saved money on stewards by closing the away standing end and made took extra money by charging Southend fans who wanted to stand behind the goal. I guess that is the economics for most clubs at this level.

The game lacked atmosphere until the 2nd half when the home fans  in a small crowd of 1,643 got behind their team and were rewarded with a late goal to settle the match.

The stewards were friendly and approachable, and the cafe area with a live Sky game is clean and roomy, the toilets were also clean and modern but the highlight has to be the pies. They are the best ever, I can recommend the meat and potato and my son said he had never tasted a better pie. We asked for gravy and it added to a superb treat. The pies were 3 but for and extra 1 you got a drink too, excellent.
After the game travel from the ground and local school was easy with traffic moving fairly freely.

Overall we enjoyed our day at Morecambe except for losing of course. It was a mild sunny autumnal day and although the game lacked sparkle both sides tried hard and it is always nice to experience a first time visit to any ground.

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