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Milton Keynes Dons v
Oldham Athletic
Saturday, August 18th 2012, 3pm
League One
Robert McNeil
(Oldham Athletic fan)

Having seen Oldham play at Milton Keynes two seasons ago, I was familiar with Milton Keynes. So having got the train from Manchester Piccadilly and a 90minute train ride later, I arrived at Milton Keynes Central Station and I walked up to the Wetherpoons pub for a bit of breakfast. Then it was back to the station for the five minute journey to Bletchley station. On my previous visit I went to the Eight Belles pub which was good, but this time I went to the Enigma Tavern, which is only a short five minute walk from the station. (5min walk). This very friendly family pub had a good selection of beers and reasonably priced pub food. I spoke to a few MK fans who were very friendly. At around 2.30pm I embarked on the 20 minute walk up to the stadium along the bypass just behind Ikea.

The area around the stadium had changed a bit since my last visit with an Asda store, KFC and McDonalds having been built around it. There were also a lot of materials lying about as the club is in the process of fitting out the upper tier to raise capacity to 32,000. Stadium looked half built on my last visit but a lot has been done to it since then. Inside its very comfortable, with a great view and good facilities. There was also a good selection of food and drink. Okay the usual footy prices, but the hot dogs were particularly nice. There's also a separate bar area. The stewards were both friendly and helpful.

The game itself wasn't great. Played in soaring 30c heat, the players were wilting. Oldham were quite dreadful and ended up losing 2-0 to slick MK side. Not really great atmosphere with only 7,500 inside ground and home fans spread about. Imagine it could be a lot better if it was more fuller.

After the game I managed to get a taxi outside the nearby Asda store (only 5 quid to get back to MK Central Station). Got a few cans for the journey from a handily placed off-licence at the station then back to Manchester for 7.30pm.

All in all a very pleasant day out. A very welcoming ground to visit.

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