The Den  - Millwall
Tuesday 26th September 2006
V Brentford, League One, 7.45pm
By Lee Penfold

Being a Fulham fan and season ticket holder at the cottage, I had watched my team beaten 2-0 by Chelsea on the Saturday leading up to the game. However I was still excited at the prospect of going to Millwall in midweek as I have never been there before.

The trip
came about with several of my mates deciding to go, despite only one of them being a Brentford fan. We had decided to travel by train meeting in Richmond and getting the train to London Waterloo and then on to South Bermondsey. On the train to the ground we saw the first few Millwall fans and when we got off the train I must admit I felt quite intimidated by the Millwall fans purely because of their reputation. Thankfully straight from the station there is a separate
walkway for the away fans and as we were walking down it we saw a dead rat in the middle of the walkway, my mates laughing saying that it could be us later!

We got to the ground and went through the turnstiles being checked by security guards along the way. Now inside the ground I was surprised by the quality of the stadium, being an all seater and even with a large screen. I felt safe inside the ground and as the match kicked off the Brentford fans started singing but the Millwall fans were surprisingly very quiet.
Brentford took a 1-0 lead after about 15 minutes sending the Brentford fans (including me as I was a Brentford fan for the night) wild. The lead was short-lived as Millwall equalised mid-way through the first half and when they did a Millwall fan ran the width of the pitch from one stand to another celebrating and surprisingly not being stopped by a steward. The game ended 1-1 and the Millwall fans were let out first and us away fans being left to wait for about 30 minutes after the game before being escorted by police onto the train which incidentally seemed very well organised.
Once back at Waterloo I got the train back to Richmond. All in all it was a very good trip and the Millwall fans don't seem as bad as their reputation may suggest and I wouldn't be put off by going there again if Fulham were to ever play them and it now seems that with the police presence, a trip to Millwall isn't as bad as it once was.


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