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This is the place to discuss anything football ground related with others who share the same interest. From those looking to do the 92, photos of football grounds from around the globe, to news on new stadium developments, you will find it all here.

Currently the Board is for 'members only' and is not currently open to new memberships. If this changes then it will be announced here.

Rules Of The Board:  

  • Racist, insulting or just downright libellous comments will not be tolerated, so don't bother.
  • Comments such as so and so are crap is not of much use to anybody Grow up and say something useful. Such postings will be deleted.

  • This board is open to young and old, so if you feel necessary to swear, please use **** appropriately!
  • Spamming of the board advertising products and other websites is not allowed.

Any messages trying to incite violence between fans or which are racist, insulting or libellous will be deleted. The Message Board logs IP addresses which basically means that all other users of the site have the ability to find out where a particular message is coming

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