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Field Mill
Mansfield Town v Exeter City

League Two
Saturday, August 10th 2014, 3pm

Steve Ellis
(Exeter City fan)

1. Why were you looking forward to going to this ground?

This is a new ground for me and it was the season opener.

2. How easy was your journey?

The journey was straight forward, travelling up on the supporters coach leaving Exeter at 8am, arriving at 1pm.

3. What did you do before the game?

On arrival at the ground some supporters opted for the clubhouse, we took a 10minute walk to the Railway Inn, in station road. This pub was away supporter friendly with a good mix of home and away fans. Pints were priced from 2.50, food on the menu was all listed at set prices starting from 2.50. On returning to the ground I picked up the match day programme for 3.

4. First impressions on seeing the ground?

Away fans are housed in the North stand at one end of the ground, opposite is the quarry lane stand which almost mirrors the north stand, then there is the Ian Greaves (west) two tiered stand, all three offer good views. The east, Bishop Street stand is currently closed for redevelopment.

5. Comment on the game, atmosphere, refreshments, stewards and toilets?

The game was played in good spirit with both teams wanting to start the season well, the match ending in a 0-0 draw. Atmosphere between the two sets of supporters was good, the Exeter fans paying tribute to the former number 9 Adam Stansfield in the ninth minute and home fans recognising this and joining in. Refreshments all seemed to be reasonably priced with drinks starting at 1.50, hot food from 2.50. Toilets are under the stand and were clean and the stewards were helpful and low key.

6. Comments on getting away after the game?

Very easy walk back to where the coach dropped us off and a straight forward journey home.

7. Summary of the day out?

A very good day out and the way we played we still went home in good spirits.

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