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Field Mill
Mansfield Town v
Scunthorpe United
League Two
Saturday, January 11th 2014, 3pm
By Joe
(Scunthorpe fan)

BTravelling down to the One Call Stadium was straight-forward as I had gone on one of the official club coaches. We got to the ground nice and early.  Itís fair to say there are plenty of facilities close to the stadium, as a retail park was located directly next to it.

On arrival, we went through the turnstiles, which are managed by ticket machines, where each person scans the barcode on their ticket, which unlocks the turnstile and allows them to pass through.  For some reason, my ticket wouldn't be accepted and the turnstile would not unlock. A friendly steward noticed this and let me though one of the gates instead.

After finding my seat, two things occurred to me. Firstly, it was still a long time until kick-off, and secondly, it was really cold, being early January! A quick trip to the food kiosk was in order, which is located under the stand. A good selection was available at what I thought was really good prices.  A cup of coffee was £1.50 for example. I also noticed they sold Pot Noodles at £1.50 too, which actually is a really good idea!

After reading a previous review about the stewards I was a little wary, but must say that all of the staff were very friendly, helpful and polite.  One addressed me as ĎSirí and asked if I needed any help finding my seat.

Another thing that surprised me was how good the view was from the away stand. Their largest stand looks really nice, and the away end had decent seats. I tracked down the local radio station on 103.2FM and listened to their commentary. The commentator made a point that Mansfield had been in the Conference for a few seasons, and said how good it was for them to see the away end full.  Scunthorpe sold out the away end with 1,220 tickets sold.

The Town fans and Scunthorpe fans both made a lot of noise from the start of the match, which made for a great derby-like atmosphere. I was greatly for the good views from the away stand when Hayes scored an amazing goal on 9 minutes right in front of us! Understandably this quietened the home crowd a little but they encouraged their team to pull something back.

Half time saw a really big queue at the kiosk, but the staff on it were still friendly and coped well.

Scunthorpe won 2-0, and itís fair to say that the decent ground and friendly atmosphere made for a good day out. Best of luck to Mansfield Town in the future!

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