Liverpool FC


Capacity: 45,362 (all seated)
Address: Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH
Main Telephone No: 0151 260 1433
Main Fax No: 0151 260 8813
Ticket Office: 0151 260 8680 
Ticket Office Fax: 0151 261 1416
Ground Tours: 0151 260 6677
Pitch Size: 110 x 75 yards
Club Nickname: The Reds
Year Ground Opened: 1884
Shirt Sponsors: Standard Chartered
Kit Manufacturers:
Home Kit Colours: All Red With White Trim
Away Kit Colours:
Yellow and Red
3rd Kit Colours: Grey, Black and Red
Official Web Site: www.liverpoolfc.tv
Unofficial Web Sites:
This Is Anfield
Red And White Kop

The Liverpool Way
LFC History
Anfield Roar (Online Fanzine)


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Centenary And Anfield Road Stands (photo)
What Is It Like For Away Supporters?
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A Closer Look At The Anfield Road Stand (photo)
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What's Anfield Like?

Walking up to the ground alongside Stanley Park, I have to say, that from a distance, Anfield is not particularly impressive. Inside though, the ground is a different proposition. Although showing its age in parts it is a unique venue and one where the stands almost feel that they are imposing upon the pitch.

The famous Kop Terrace at one end of the ground was replaced in 1994 by a huge stand, designed to emulate the shape of the old Kop, hence its kind of semi circular look and large single tier. The other end, the Anfield Road Stand, part of which is given to away supporters, is the most recent addition to the ground, having been opened in 1998. It boosted not only the overall capacity of the stadium, but gave Anfield a more balanced and enclosed feel as the remaining corners were filled. On one side of the stadium is the large, two tiered, Centenary Stand, where the front tier leg room is one of the tightest I have ever known. The Centenary Stand was originally called the Kemlyn Road Stand, part of which was built in 1963 with an additional tier and row of executive boxes being added in 1992. Opposite is the Main Stand. Opened in 1973 it is looking its age with a number of supporting pillars. This stand has a TV gantry suspended beneath its roof. In the corner between the Kop & Centenary stands is an electric scoreboard, which surprise, surprise, shows the match score in bright red letters.

Around the outside of the ground, there are the Bill Shankly Gates on Anfield Road. These wrought iron gates have the legendary Liverpool phrase 'You'll Never Walk Alone' displayed above them. There is also a statue of the great man, Bill Shankly near the Club shop. Also along Anfield Road, there is the moving memorial to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, which always has flowers adorning it.

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Future Ground Developments
Liverpool FC have been given planning permission to expand the capacity of Anfield to 54,000. This will be achieved by the building of a new Main Stand which will start in early 2015, with completion targeted for the start of the 2016/17 season. This stand will be three tiered and contain 21,000 seats. The Club have also received outline permission to expand at a later date the Anfield Road End, which could further boost the capacity to 58,800.

Centenary And Anfield Road Stands

  Centenary And Anfield Road Stands

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What Is It Like For Away Supporters?
Away fans are located in the Anfield Road Stand at one end of the ground, where just under 2,000 seats are available, although this can be increased for cup games. This stand is also shared with home supporters, some of whom will be sitting in the small seated tier above the away fans. Malcolm Dawson a travelling Sunderland supporter adds; 'Try to avoid getting tickets sold as restricted view, for the rear rows of the Anfield Road Stand as it can be difficult to see the goals with people standing up in front of you'.

Kimberly Hill adds; 'Restricted view doesn't even begin to describe what it was like. The Wolves fans insisted on standing so it was like trying to watch the game through a letterbox!' The facilities within the stand are not bad. There is a Ladbrokes betting outlet and the refreshment kiosks sell a wide variety of burgers, hot dogs and pies, including a 'Scouse Pie'.

I have always found it to be a good day out at Anfield, getting the feeling that you are visiting one of the legendary venues in world football. This is enhanced with the teams coming out to 'You'll Never Walk Alone' reverberating around the ground, with the red and white scarves and flags of the fans displayed across the Kop, at the beginning of the match. The atmosphere is normally great, so sit back and enjoy the experience. 

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The Kop

                        Famous Kop

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Where To Eat & Drink
The Arkles pub near to the ground (see directions by car), is known as the away fans pub, but as can be expected it can get extremely crowded. Mark Parsons a visiting Aston Villa fan adds; 'We arrived at the Arkles at about 1.15pm and already found it packed out, with fans queuing outside to get in. We asked a very helpful WPC for any other away friendly pubs and were told to go to the Flat Iron which was a five minute walk away. Although the pub was mostly full of Liverpool fans, the bars were mixed and all were very friendly. There is also a good chippy located on the other side of the road. To find this pub, turn left at the junction where Arkles is (with the ground over to your right down Anfield Road). Head away from the ground and the pub is down on the right hand side'. Otherwise located near to the away turnstiles is a food and drink area, which serves alcohol too. Alcohol is also available inside the stadium.

Main And Anfield Road Stands

  Main And Anfield Road Stands

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How To Get There By Car And Where To Park

Follow the M62 until you reach the end of the motorway (beware of a 50mph speed camera about a 1/4 of a mile from the end of the motorway). Then follow the A5058 towards Liverpool. After three miles turn left at the traffic lights into Utting Avenue (there is a McDonalds on the corner of this junction). Proceed for one mile and then turn right at the Arkles pub for the ground. If you arrive early (around 1pm) then there is street parking to be found. However recently a residents only parking scheme has been introduced in some streets around the ground, so check any signs first. Otherwise it as an idea to park in the streets around Goodison and walk across Stanley Park to Anfield, or you can park in a secure parking area at Goodison itself which costs 10.

Rob Campion informs me; 'I parked at The Dockers Club, home of Liverpool County Premier League side Waterloo Dock on Townsend Lane (A580) at a cost of 5. It is then a 15 minute walk to Anfield. I even watched Waterloo Dock v Old Xaverians first, before going to the Liverpool game'.

Map showing the location of the Anfield Football Ground (at the bottom of this page).

Post Code for SAT NAV: L4 0TH

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A Closer Look At The Anfield Road Stand

A Closer Look At The Anfield Road

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By Train
Kirkdale station is the closest to the ground (just under a mile away). However, it may be more advisable to go to Sandhills Station as this has the benefit of a bus service to the ground, which runs for a couple of hours before and a couple of hours after a game and drops you within easy walking distance of the ground. Gary Beaumont adds;  'The best route for away fans from the city centre if they want to use public transport is definitely the Merseyrail Northern Line to Sandhills where they alight and catch the special Soccerbuses; trains can be caught from Liverpool Central and Moorfields.  If fans are buying their train tickets in Liverpool, ask for a return to Anfield as opposed to Sandhills even though that's where you're getting off.  The advantage of doing this is that the train ticket is valid also for the Soccerbus and the additional fare is only 1 return as opposed to 1 each way that you'd have to pay on the bus if you only bought your ticket to Sandhills.  If fans want to get a taxi from Lime Street, they're about 7'. Both Sandhills & Kirkdale stations can be reached by first getting a train from Liverpool Lime Street to Liverpool Central and then changing there.

The main railway station in Liverpool is Lime Street which is located just over two miles away from the ground and so is quite a walk (although it is mostly downhill on the way back to the station), so either head for Sandhills or Kirkdale stations or jump in a taxi. Craig Hochkins adds; 'you can catch various buses from the bus station which is seven minutes walk away from the train station and is well  signposted. Either the 17a 17b 17c or the 26 will drop you right outside the ground at a cost of about a 1. The buses are run by Arriva and the journey takes about 15 to 25 minutes dependant on traffic'. Paul Denman a visiting Hull City fan informs me; 'Although the No 17 Bus took only 15 minutes to reach Anfield from the station, after the game it took almost 50 minutes, as the roads were clogged with fans walking home. However, everyone was friendly. I wore my City shirt with pride, never felt threatened even on the bus and had great conversations with the Liverpool supporters.'

Walking Directions From Kirkdale Station:

On exiting from Kirkdale Station turn right and then cross the railway bridge, you will see a pub opposite called the 'Melrose Abbey', (which has been recommended). Walk up Westminster Road, alongside the pub and continue along it, passing the Elm Tree pub. Follow the road around the right hand bend and then turn left into Bradewell Street. At the end of Bradwell Street you will come to the busy County Road (A59). Cross over this road at the traffic lights and then go down the road to the left of the Aldi superstore. At the end of this road you will reach the A580 Walton Lane. You should be able to see Goodison Park over on your left and Stanley Park in front of you. Cross Walton Lane and either enter Stanley Park following the footpath through the park (keeping to the right), which will exit into Anfield Road and the away end. Or bear right down Walton Lane and then turn left down the road at the end of Stanley Park for the ground. Thanks to Jon Roche for providing these directions.

Remember if travelling by train then you can save on the cost of fares by booking in advance. Visit the the trainline website to see how much you can normally save. Click on the trainline logo below:

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Local Rivals
Everton and Manchester United.

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Admission Prices
The Club operate a category system, so that ticket prices vary with the opposition being played. Category A prices are shown below with B & C shown in brackets:

Home Fans:
Centenary & Main Stands (Centre): Adults 59 (B) 53, (C) 49 Over 65's 44, (B) 40, (C) 37
Centenary & Main Stands (Wings): Adults 56 (B) 51, (C) 47 Over 65's 42, (B) 38, (C) 35
The Kop: Adults 48 (B) 43, (C) 39 Over 65's 36, (B) 32, (C) 29
The Kop (Outer Wings): Adults 46 (B) 41, (C) 37 Over 65's 33, (B) 31, (C) 29.50
Anfield Road Stand*:
Adults 52 (B) 47, (C) 43, Over 65's 39, (B) 35 (C) 32,
Under 17's 15 (B) 10 (C) 5

Away Fans:
Anfield Road Stand: 
Adults 52/50 (B) 47/45 (C) 43/41
Over 65's
39/37.50 (B) 35/34, (C) 32/31
Under 17's 15 (B) 10 (C) 5

Category A Matches for the 2014/15 league season are: Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur.

The prices above are for Premier League matches. Other Cup matches (both domestic and European) are priced separately. See the official Liverpool FC website for details.

* In addition the Club offer a number of family tickets in the upper tier of the Anfield Road Stand.

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Stadium Layout

  Anfield Liverpool Stadium Layout

For a stadium plan showing the individual block numbers
Then visit the official Liverpool website.

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Fixtures 2014-2015
Liverpool FC fixture list (takes you to the BBC Sports Website).

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Programme and Fanzines
Official Programme: 3
The Liverpool Way Fanzine: 2
Red All Over The Land Fanzine: 2

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Disabled Facilities
For details of disabled facilities and club contact at the ground please visit the relevant page on the
Level Playing Field

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Tours Of Anfield And Club Museum
The Club offer tours of the ground, which operate on a daily basis, except Bank Holidays and matchdays. There is also a museum at the ground and the club offer combined tour & museum tickets as well as individual museum entrance. The costs are:

Ground Tour & Museum:
Adults: 16, Under 16's, Students & OAP's 10, 2 Family: Adults + 2 Children 43
Off Peak Times:
Adults: 12, Under 16's, Students & OAP's 9, Family: 2 Adults + 2 Children 34
Matchday: Adults: 20, Under 16's, Students & OAP's 15, Family: 2 Adults + 2 Children 65

Museum Only:
Adults: 7, Under 16's, Students & OAP's 5.

To make a tour booking call: 0151 260 6677 or Book Online.

Record & Average Attendance
Record Attendance:
61,905 v Wolverhampton Wanderers
FA Cup 4th Round, February 2nd, 1952.

Modern All Seated Attendance Record:
45,071 v Manchester City
Premier League, November 27th, 2011.

Average Attendance:
2013-2014: 44,671 (Premier League)
2012-2013: 44,749 (Premier League)
2011-2012: 44,253 (Premier League)

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Fans Reviews Of Anfield

Kyle Hall (Sunderland) 6/12/14
Lee Jones (West Bromwich Albion) 4/10/14
Jack Richards (Arsenal) 8/2/14
James Prentice (Doing The 92) 7/4/13

Daniel Boucher (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 24/9/11
James Baxter (Neutral) 5/8/10

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Hotel Accommodation
If you require hotel accommodation in the area then first try a hotel booking service provided by Late Rooms. They offer all types of accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets from; Budget Hotels, Traditional Bed & Breakfast establishments to Five Star Hotels and Serviced Apartments. Plus their booking system is straightforward and easy to use. Yes this site will earn a small commission if you book through them, but it will go to help with the running costs of keeping the Guide going. The Hotels listing includes details of how far they are away from the ground.

Access their Liverpool Hotels and Guest Houses page.

Remember that you can also use the above link or the panel below to book any other hotels that you may need for business or leisure, either in the UK or abroad.

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View From The Away Section

Thanks to Haydn Gleed for providing the above video.

Map showing the location of Anfield, Railway Stations and Listed Pub

If anything is incorrect or you have something to add, please e-mail me duncan@footballgroundguide.com and I'll update the guide.

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