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King Power Stadium
Leicester City v Ipswich Town
Championship League
day, January 10th 2010, 3pm
Peter Radford
(Doing the 92)

It was a very snowy and slow drive into Leicester to watch the only game that had survived the winter freeze this Sunday. I knew that the football ground was close to the rugby ground and the latter is easy to locate and offers a decent parking alternative for those that don’t mind a brisk 10 minute walk.

I am not a great fan of new-built stadia so there was little reason to get to the match other than to tick-off another of the “92”.

The ground although being the standard new enclosed all-seater had a pleasant and relatively warm concourse area below the stand albeit it offered the standard football ground menu. The tea was hot and the locals friendly and the latter provided some pointers to the match ahead.

The players came out to the sound of a hunting horn, but I can’t help feeling that this should terrify foxes not encourage them.  It certainly didn’t inspire the Leicester defence as they froze in the first minute to gifted the away side the lead.

I have a rule of thumb with new-build grounds, they need to be at least 75% full and have a distinctive “home end” to create a decent atmosphere.  The crowd was short of the mark, the home support spread around the ground and, as a consequence, the experience uninspiring. 

Leicester snatched an equaliser however the game like the ground and the crowd failed to excite. As an upside the ground was quick to clear and once back to the car it was easy to escape from the city and head home. 

I had notched up ground number 32 but little else to look back upon.

Score: Leicester 1 Ipswich 1
Attendance: 20,758
Ground No: 32 (of the 92)

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