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Elland Road
  Leeds United v Wycombe Wanderers
League One
Saturday, January 9th, 2010, 3pm
Peter Radford
(Wycombe Wanderers fan)

Not a ground that I ever expected Wycombe to be visiting for a league fixture so an opportunity not to be missed. The 200 mile journey was on motorways surrounded by snow and it was clear that the ground staff had put in a great effort to clear the pitch and surrounding area as this was one of only seven matches to survive the winter freeze.

Parking was plentiful in the large club car park next to the ground and I discussed the match prospects with a local on the short walk to the stadium. This home fan was very focused on the need to win and move three points closer to promotion however once at the ground it was obvious that most fans were still wallowing in the victory against Man Utd in the FA Cup the previous week. 

The concourse area “below stairs” in freezing conditions was uninviting, the quality of hot food was poor but at least the service was friendly.

The away corner allocated to us was about the worst vantage point that I have experienced as an away fan and the stewarding was a little overzealous at times for, what was, a small well behaved group of away fans (around 650).

I had been to Elland Road previously in 1995 and sat behind the dug-outs and it was clear that the stadium was little changed over the last 15 years.  The ground is bland with no character although with a crowd in excess of 24,000 it had more atmosphere than any other Division One game that I had ever been too (and probably most Premiership games).

What I feared would be a humiliating defeat for the Chairboys turned into a glorious battle which as it turned out we were slightly unlucky not to win.  I came away however with the feeling that you deserve a little more than one point when you come away from Elland Road with a draw in a Division One game!

The car park emptied quite easily with a very efficient and well marshalled traffic system it was probably the fastest that I have got away from a match with a crowd of this size.

In conclusion, not a great ground nor a particularly nice experience but an outstanding result against a side that had humbled Man Utd less than a week earlier.  

Score: Leeds 1 Wycombe 1
Attendance: 24,383

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