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Galpharm Stadium
  Huddersfield Town v Southampton
Saturday October 28th, 2010, 3pm
League One
Steve Ridgley

(Southampton fan)

I was really looking forward about visiting the Galpharm Stadium. It stood out to me as a unique design, unlike many other new grounds that are quite similar looking. Huddersfield is also a long way from Southampton, and there is a proud feeling when you travel the length of the country to watch your team!

Finding the Ground was fairly easy, although there was a lot of traffic going into Huddersfield, which resulted in a bit of a delay. Parking was fairly hard too; all the side streets near the ground were very congested so in the end we decided to park in the ground car park for a cost of £5.

Due to the rush, we thought we’d get a bite to eat inside the Galpharm. My experience of the Potato pie wasn’t one to relish! It was canteen style junk that doesn’t put a dent in your hunger. I would recommend a take away shop on one of the side streets rather than the ground food. 

My first impressions of the stadium were as I expected. A very bold design that has a lot of individual style about it. I thought the architects did well to make it different to other new grounds. When we walked into the away stand we were very impressed with it. It generated a good atmosphere, thanks to some great acoustics for singing which made it special! The p.a sound system was also quite loud. But it was a nice change to clearly hear the team line ups!

The game itself was one to forget for Southampton Fans. Town dominated all game in all aspects. On and off the pitch, they played well, their fans got behind them and they ran out 2-0 winners! But still it was an enjoyable experience in a fantastic ground! The atmosphere as I have mentioned a few times was great. Stewards were ‘ok’ apart from trying to get us to sit down at the beginning (I think we would of sat down in disappointment anyway after 10 minutes!). Toilets were okay and people got through them reasonably quickly, eventhough they were a bit packed.

Getting away from the ground was as you would expect a bit congested but once we got on the way out of Huddersfield it was fine.

All in all a very good day out despite the result. Great stadium, great atmosphere, not bad trip at all! One of the best grounds I have been too, but it has to be said if we would have won it would have been a whole lot better!

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