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Galpharm Stadium Stadium
  Huddersfield Town v Southampton

Saturday August 15th, 2009, 3pm
Scott Barnard

(Southampton fan)

1.The first away day of the season took us to The Galpharm, one of the furthest we'll visit all season. I was really looking forward to it as from what I'd seen looked like a nice set up.
Huddersfield is sign posted on Leaving the Motorway, taking you down a few typical Yorkshire country roads, but still, the Town Centre is very easy to find and once near the town centre the stadium is signposted and very easy to find by car. Arriving in Huddersfield after the 4 & half hour drive up from the South Coast, the first sight of the stadium is a very impressive one. Over the bridge and up the hill to the car park see's the sunken Galpharm Stadium in front of you. Very impressive sight. The main Car park right behind the Pink Link Stand seemed very handy indeed and at the cost of 5 for the parking I wasn't going to complain with that... but after the game this turned out not to be so handy when after 45 minutes we had moved only 1 mile.
Back to Huddersfield itself...
We parked the car up and made the 10 minute walk in to Huddersfield town centre, where we went for a drink at the 'Station Tavern' (now called the 'Kings Head' I think but everyone knows it as 'Station Tavern') which I believe you can walk into straight off the train platform. A bit of a dive for a pub but full of friendly huddy fans as well as a good mix of our following led to a good amount of banter and football chat. The Police did make an appearance and tried to move us on for some reason but nobody budged and the police soon realised they were going to cause more trouble by moving us on as we were all quite content. Very reasonably priced beverages with a good selection on offer and would recommend to any visiting fan.
We then moved back towards the ground, being recommended the 'Gas Club'. Costs 1 to non-members and would imagine that it is usually a top notch pre-match venue as they have sky sports on a nice big Projector screen but turns out that on the first and last games home games of the season the 'Gas Club' has a live "band", they weren't great whatsoever and was far far far too loud as you couldn't hear a word the person next to you was saying. So if your there for huddy's first or last home game of the season, steer well clear of The Gas Club.
Going through the turnstiles at the Galpharm takes you through to a galley with a bookies, refreshments and toilets. All facilities what you'd expect from a modern Stadium. With prices to match.
The Pink Link Stand (the away end) gives a fantastic view of the pitch. Able to create a good atmosphere in there as well. Being such a modern ground there are none of them supporting pillars or anything so just a nice un-obstructed view of a very nice playing surface.
The game itself was all one-way, unfortunately for us our team failed to show up and we were well and truly stuffed (albeit it only finished 3-1), never seen us play so badly but got to give it to the Huddersfield Fans they were very vocal, all 3 stands at one point each had a different chant going on, making the 820-odd travelling saints fans feel very small indeed.
Apart from the Saints performance, was a very enjoyable day, nothing but credit to the Terriers fans, very friendly, welcoming & Helpful. A pleasant surprise for me as am so used to complete opposite on away days. A Thoroughly recommended away day to anybody.

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