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Victoria Park
Hartlepool United v Exeter City
League Two
Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, 3pm
Steve Ellis

(Exeter City fan)

1. Why were you looking forward to going to this ground?

This was my third visit to Victoria Park, and for once it was nice to go to the last game of the season and enjoy it with survival sorted out the previous week.

2. How easy was your journey?

The journey was very easy, leaving at 6am on the official supporters coach arriving at 1pm

3. What did you do before the game?

On arrival at the ground I bought my programme for 3, before heading down to the Jackson Wharf pub, which is about 10mins walk away from the ground with drinks reasonably priced.

4. First impressions on seeing the ground?

Like most old grounds it's very traditional in its looks with supporting pillars in the stands but in general like any ground where some painting is needed it looks well maintained

5. Comment on the game, atmosphere, refreshments, stewards and toilets? 

With both teams having nothing to play for the game was contested by two young teams, Exeter playing no less than seven academy players with a further four on the bench, the game played in good spirit, Exeter running out as 2-0 winners. There was not much atmosphere as all the noise I heard came from the 184 travelling fans. The bar in the ground is open until kick off and again at half time selling only bitter, lager or cider at a very reasonable 3, not sure on the prices from the main refreshment hut as didn't use it. Stewards were excellent, helpful and you would hardly know they were there. Toilets just to the side of the away stand are clean.

6. Comments on getting away after the game?

Very easy getting away after the game, the coach parked just opposite the turnstiles and getting back into Exeter just after midnight

7. Summary of the day out?

What can I say, fantastic day all round all ending with a 2-0 to end the season.

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