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Victoria Park
Hartlepool United
v Sheffield Wednesday
League One
Saturday, October 1st 2011, 3pm
Teresa Jewell
(Sheffield Wednesday fan)

Another early start for me catching the 8.45 train from Manchester to make sure I was meeting my family at Midland Station to travel by coach through inter owl. The coach as always was late no change there. Travelling to the ground was easy with no problems and the police guided us into Hartlepool to park right at the side of the ground with the other coaches and buses.

Both sets of fans mixed well with no trouble at all outside of the ground and you had a choice you could go to Morrison's supermarket or McDonalds for food. We chose to pop in Morrison's and the into the ground.

The ground is old small and certainly not geared up for large away supporters. One of things I liked was seeing a ground with a proper Kop terraced area. Leading to a good atmosphere.

The catering was a little hut that housed 3 girls who were really friendly, but I think they struggled with my Yorkshire accent. The prices were spot on and the pies were to die for (highly recommended). They even served chips again spot on. Do note if you by fizzy pop they take the lid away from you. There was a separate area for alcohol painted with a yellow line, which you couldn't step out off. The other facilities were modest for a small ground, but clean. 

According to a steward the away area is supposed to hold 900 people, although I would probably challenge that. With Wednesday's large travelling support, the stewards looked uneasy, as they clearly don't often have to deal with so many away fans. Or supporters that caused so much noise. Yet they were friendly throughout.
The game was not bad not the best both sides having chances, but Reda Johnson scored the only goal of the game for Sheffield Wednesday. Madine came close a few times right in front of us.

Result: Hartlepool 0 Sheffield Wednesday 1
Attendance: 6,800

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