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Highbury Stadium
Fleetwood Town v Exeter City
League Two
 Saturday, March 9th 2013, 3pm
By Steve Ellis
(Exeter City fan)

1.Why were you looking forward to going to this ground?
This venue, as it has been for most League Two supporters is a new stadium to tick off, and also with both teams having play off and promotion hopes the fixture was massive.
2. How easy was your journey, what did you do before the game, pub/chippy?
Travelling with the supporters club by coach the trip was easy, leaving at 7am arriving at the ground just after 1pm. On arrival, some  went to the Strawberry Gardens pub which does feature in the CAMRA good beer guide, whilst others including myself opted to go to Jims bar which is the club house attached to the ground. Inside it was very spacious, clean, comfy and drinks were averagely priced. There was also a choice of 25 screens showing either the Sky early kick off match or Sky Sports News. With that many screens you can't go wrong. There was also a good mix of home and away fans and the home fans that I encountered were friendly.

On arrival I had also purchased a match day programme for 3 which i have found to be a good read, as unlike some programmes I have come across there were relatively few adverts.
3. What were your thoughts on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the stadium?
My first thoughts on seeing the ground were impressive for a small club in their debut league season. I opted to sit in the Parkside Stand, which is the newest addition to the stadium. It was a good view of the game from this area. The other stands are small and in time will need work done if they are to stay in the league.
4. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, refreshments, toilets?
The game itself was competitive and with both teams pushing for a play off spot but unfortunately neither team could find that break, ending in a scoreless draw. The atmosphere was excellent though, with good natured banter flowing  between both sets of supporters, stewards were helpful and unobtrusive. The refreshments were averagely priced with a good range of food and drink,, there is also a licenced bar which only had Carlsberg on tap priced at 3.50 a pint. Toilets also clean.
Comment on getting away after the game?
Getting away afterwards was easy as the coach was parked just behind the East Stand. It took about 20 minutes to leave the stadium and get through the town before getting onto the motorway, leaving just after 5pm, back home at 11.00pm
Summary and overall thoughts of day out?
A great away day with friendly home fans, a good pub, new stadium, just a shame on the final score but still a good atmosphere on the journey home.

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